Fairfield, New Jersey — Quikteks, a technical support company serving the tri-state area, is sharing a few recommended IT security New Year’s resolutions for businesses.

According to Quikteks owner and CEO Andrew Rich, every day is a good time to prioritize IT security. “These New Year’s resolutions should be implemented ASAP to ensure that your business data stays secure.”

Quikteks’ IT security New Year’s resolutions easy yet critical:
Use Strong Passwords — As an individual, you likely have dozens of passwords to manage. As a business professional, that number increases exponentially. It’s no longer acceptable, nor is it safe, to use your dog’s name and the year as a password! Many computer security products now include password managers, making securing your computer and accounts easier than ever.

Beef Up Computer Security —Ransomware is one of the biggest threats to business computer security right now. It is nearly impossible to recover from if you don’t plan for it and actively prevent it. Is your existing computer security solution up to the task? Do you even have a computer security system in place?

Back Up Data Daily —Backing up business data is imperative, even if you guard your systems against threats like viruses, worms, and ransomware attacks. Why? Thunderstorms strike, laptops get stolen, files become corrupt, hard drives fail, files get deleted, and so on. None of these are serious problems — IF you have a current backup. Rich recommends daily backups at a minimum. “Real time backups are even better,” he says.

Turn On Two-Factor Authentication — Many sites offer an added layer of security through two-factor authentication. If offered, accept it. With two-factor authentication, you’ll be prompted to enter a second code of some sort to further validate that it is really you attempting to sign in. For example, a one-time use code could be sent via text message to your phone or you might be prompted to use the fingerprint reader on your phone if using a secure app.

As part of your resolution to improve IT security for 2017, Rich suggests scheduling a free IT security assessment from Quikteks. Visit Quikteks.com or call 973-882-4644.

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