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Managed IT Can Help You Manage Your Technology Inventory

Managed IT Can Help You Manage Your Technology Inventory

When did you last update your technology inventory? When do your software licenses expire? When did you last have to have maintenance work done on your printer? Not sure? You probably need to get a better grip on your IT documentation. Here’s how we can assist and why a technology audit is important.

Technology works in your favour when it’s running properly. To optimize your business technology you need to be in total control. Your inventory should contain all the information you have about every piece of hardware on your premises (or, in the case of mobile devices, off-site too).

High quality technology audit data covers the life of your hardware, from where and when it was purchased, to the setup and installation, through the item’s maintenance and repair history. You’ve invested significantly in your IT infrastructure. It makes sense to invest in protecting it too.

This is where Quikteks managed IT services can help. Our experts maintain the IT solutions businesses use on a daily basis, and we also record in-depth information on all the components of your IT infrastructure. We document all the actions we take to maintain it and keep everything functioning optimally. We use advanced diagnostic tools to find and mitigate any problems that exist, or are likely to arise, and apply all the appropriate patches. We make sure that your IT systems are fully up to date at all times.

This means we compile extensive documentation that itemizes the work done and tasks accomplished. These are examples of the information we record:

  • • An inventory of all devices you have attached to your network. That includes the devices that make up the network itself, as well as all the company-owned endpoints and peripheral hardware.
  • • Installation dates and details.
  • • Information on the configuration of each device.
  • • Any licences that need to be kept up to date and their current status.
  • • A comprehensive service, maintenance and repair history.

This technology audit data is a vital asset when keeping your IT infrastructure running smoothly. It guides us in all sorts of ways and helps us to optimize your system so you can gain maximum benefit from it. It helps us to proactively catch, diagnose and prevent any problems that might emerge in the future.

You can experience these benefits in your own business. To find out more about how managed IT services can help you, contact the Quikteks team at (973) 882-4644. We’re always ready to answer your questions and tell you more about the managed IT services we offer.

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