b2ap3_thumbnail_super400.jpgRemember the good old days? You’d come home from school and break out your new copy of Superman: The Secret Years. You knew that you always had a Super Hero you could depend on. Unfortunately now, bound with the ties of life, you no longer have time to spend reminiscing on the heroes of your youth.

We may not have a cool tool belt or costume, but we do have the neat gadgets and Help Desk “Batphone” that you can call. In this way we can become your Managed IT Service Super Hero! Think of us as the personal protectors of all of your company information technology. Anytime you’re in need, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at PHONENUMBER, and we’ll come to your rescue.

One thing we know from any Super Hero vs. Villain scenario is that the Super Hero always faces some sort of situation where the Super Villain exposes a weakness in the Super Hero that he or she eventually overcomes. The next thing you know, they’re battling through the city destroying vehicles and buildings until eventually the Villain is defeated and justice is served.

What about the office buildings that were destroyed during the process?

Of course, the business owners insurance would cover the damage; what about the inevitable loss of company data? Depending on the severity of the event, data loss can cause a company to go under immediately, if it isn’t properly backed up. We present companies like yours comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions that not only redundantly backup your company’s data off site, they feature the fastest recovery time of any solution out there. If by using our managed IT service and our backup and disaster recovery solution we can save your company, wouldn’t that make us your Super Hero?

The BDR solution is just one of Quikteks’s superpowers. Much like Madrox’s ability to replicate himself, we replicate your data and store it in a safe place so its always there when you need it. The BDR is not the only superpower we have. We provide a network monitoring service that, in relation to Super Hero ideology, is much like our very own Cerebro. With this service, we can proactively engage any threat to your network both internally and externally.

Quikteks has a lot more heroic tools and resources to help you with your company’s everyday IT issues. Whether it be an alien photon beam, a flying vehicle, or any other potential disaster that threatens the destruction of your business, we’ve got a solution that will be sure to save the day. Be sure to protect your business and call us on our “Batphone” at PHONENUMBER today.

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