Have you ever felt like your long commute is draining the life out of you? If you commute long distances to work, then there may be something to the phrase, “My commute is killing me.” Research has shown commuters die younger than those who live closer to their work. This is yet another reason to work from home.

This study on commuting comes from Umeå University in Sweden. Social geographer Erika Sandow found that people who travel more than 30 miles to work are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, stress, and heart disease. Any commuter that regularly battles the daily frustration of traffic jams will not be surprised by this. For commuters, it only makes sense that the hours spent sitting in their car, being mad at idiot drivers, will take a toll on their health.

The same study also found that commuters will take more sick leave and even gain more weight than their co-workers who live closer. A longer commute translates into more chances to get into a car wreck, fewer hours of sleep, more travel expenses, and more exposure to pollution. None of these factors help one’s overall health and well-being.

Eliminating long commutes will not only make employees more productive, but it will also improve their health and even extend lifespans! Some people are legitimately stuck living more than 30 miles from work and moving closer may not be an option. For these road warriors, giving them the option to telecommute may be a simple solution that is a win-win.

Working from home is far less stressful than fighting traffic, or even having to deal with co-workers. Employees who have the flexibility to work from home are even more productive. In fact, 67% of businesses that offer telecommuting have confirmed that their staff was more productive; this according to a 2008 study by CompTIA Research.

Quikteks can help set up your network infrastructure with cost-effective IT solutions that will give employees the ability to work from home. With technologies like virtual desktops, terminal servers, and Voice over IP, employees will have the ability to securely access files and applications from anywhere. Save your staff the life-threatening hazards of the road and call Quikteks at PHONENUMBER!

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