Remember being told as a kid that, “Nobody likes a know-it-all?” As an adult, while it is still true that nobody likes a braggart, it turns out that everybody loves an expert! Every professional is an expert within their field; and whenever a problem crops up that you may not be a know-it-all in, then you call in another expert.

Herein lies the value of professional networking! You are an expert at what you do only because you have chosen to grow in one specific vertical of knowledge at the expense of neglecting other disciplines. Maybe you know everything about administration, but you do not know how to change out your vehicles carburetor (or even know what it looks like). No worries, simply contact a carburetor professional to handle the work for you.

The IT pros at Quikteks are definitely experts when it comes to technology. We love using our expertise to help businesses, yet we are humble enough to admit that we do not know-it-all. The knowledge vertical of the IT field is vast. Technology is built around finding solutions to problems. Every problem is complex and creates more problems. At Quikteks, we have the expertise to handle 99 IT problems, but fixin’ a copy machine ain’t one.

Actually, we do know a thing or two about copy machines, but the point we are trying to make is that the IT field is so vast that sometimes IT experts have to call in other IT experts to handle complicated problems. At Quikteks, we have worked hard to establish a network of trusted IT experts so that we can position ourselves as your know-it-all IT managed solutions provider.

We call this our vendor management service. Being an expert amongst experts means that we can coordinate a quick fix for your IT problem, even if it may be outside of our vertical. For example, if your copy machine is giving you problems, then give us a call at PHONENUMBER. A copier may be outside the realm of our expertise, but we are committed to finding you the quickest solution possible; this means that we will call up our expert copy machine friend and schedule them for a repair.

Vendor management from Quikteks will save you the time and hassle of tracking down and dealing with different vendors for the 1 complex IT problem that we don’t handle out of the 99 that we do. In one sense, you can rightfully say that our vendor management service makes us IT know-it-alls, only we are the type of know-it-all that you will actually like!

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