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Keep Your Servers Cool

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Keep Your Servers Cool

There is an old saying “it is so hot that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk”. The summer heat doesn’t really get that hot, but outdoor objects like sidewalks and car hoods that come in contact with it can reach temperatures that can actually accomplish this. Just think about how hot it is when you accidentally touch the hood of your car on a summer day. When it’s hot outside, you need to keep your server units cool inside.

When it is really scorching outside, your office building’s air conditioning unit may not cut it. Sure, it may pump enough cool air to keep you and your coworkers comfortable, but your company’s server units are a different story. On the days when the building’s AC is barely cutting it for the people, the AC is likely failing to properly cool your technology.

This is because each server unit is its own heat source. This means that each server generates heat and the more there are in the room the hotter it becomes, so a room full of servers would need additional cooling. Without making a special effort to keep your servers cool, they will be in danger of overheating, which can cause serious downtime and result in data loss and even broken hardware components. If your server room is cooled by the same AC unit that’s keeping your office cool, then an uncomfortably-warm day at the office may translate to dangerous heat levels for your server units.

These broiling summer days may require you to take extra precautions in order to give your server room some extra AC, in addition to what is already in the building. One easy and economical solution to cool off your server room is to use a portable cooling unit. With a portable cooling unit, all you have to do is plug it in and place it in the area you want cooled. A portable cooling solution like this will offset the heat being generated by your server units, allowing you to set your building’s thermostat a few degrees warmer and save you money on cooling.

Running a portable cooling unit in your server room will also save your business money by allowing you to only run your building’s AC when the building is in use. By using a portable cooling unit in your server room you can save money by not having to cool the entire building at night. You will be able to adjust your AC to a higher level at night saving dollars, but still keep your servers nice and cool. The savings you will experience from only having to run the AC during the workday will add up big time!

How much saving are we talking here? In an interview with Processor magazine, Vice President of Atlas Sales & Rentals claims that, “A portable air-conditioning unit used in a permanent server room typically costs only 20 to 30% as much as a non-portable system of similar capacity, while still performing the required function.”

In the battle against the summer heat, you’ll want to enlist all the help you can get. Quikteks can help streamline your IT infrastructure with the latest technological solutions that will bring down the costs of doing business, as well as the temperature; the only thing that will be going up this summer will be your profits! Contact us today at (973) 882-4644 to put downtime on ice!

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