Fairfield, New Jersey (PRWEB) May 25, 2016

With growing concerns about data breaches and cloud security, Quikteks, a New Jersey IT support services company, is calling on businesses to take a more proactive approach to securing their sensitive data.

According to Andrew Rich, owner and CEO of Quikteks, high profile security breaches such as the 117 million passwords stolen from LinkedIn continue to compromise privacy and security. “Hackers aren’t stealing passwords so they can peek at your LinkedIn preferences,” he said. “One, of many, ways stolen passwords are used is to log into other sites. So many people use the same credentials, or slight variations, across all of their online and cloud accounts.”

A recent Skyhigh Networks analysis found that just over 17 percent of all data stored in Microsoft One Drive and SharePoint is considered sensitive. 9.4 percent is confidential data such as banking information or protected health information.

Though Microsoft includes security controls in its Office 365 product, Skyhigh noted that users share the responsibility of data security.
“If an Office 365 user uses the same weak user name and password combination across the board, it’s easy to see how a hacker could enter an enterprise Office 365 system,” Rich said. “From there, unencrypted data is easy pickings.”

Moreover, Skyhigh found hundreds of files, on average, in enterprise One Drive accounts containing the word “password” in the file name.
“Imagine an employee creating a Microsoft Word document and naming it ‘QuickBooksPassword.docx’ or ‘WellsFargoPassword.doc,” Rich said. “If you were a hacker, these are probably the first files you’d grab.”

Quikteks offers several security solutions to neutralize these threats including enterprise firewalls, content filtering, antivirus and anti-spyware software, password managers, data encryption, hosted security, and anti-spam tools. Rich noted that no matter how much network security an enterprise has in place, weak links, like weak or compromised passwords, can be exploited.

“We offer the full spectrum of data security solutions starting from addressing risky user behaviors and intrusion detection to comprehensive data backup and recovery systems,” Rich explained. “Our information security technicians proactively monitor networks and promptly respond to threats and intrusions.”

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