Did you know that nearly a third of all malware registered was created last year? According to PandaLabs’ 2015 annual report, there are more than 304 million forms of malware registered, 27.3 percent of which were created in 2015. Clearly, we’re not winning the battle against malware.

Small, medium, and enterprise businesses alike struggle to stay one step ahead in this fight. Even with network firewalls and antivirus software, today’s businesses need to be vigilant. After all, PandaLabs detected more than 84 million new trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, and PUPs created last year. That’s about 230,000 pieces of new malware each day!



These threats are real, even with computer security solutions in place like antivirus software and firewalls. You and your entire staff needs to use care online, making sure to avoid clicking suspicious attachments and links or visiting malicious sites. Awareness is essential, as is shoring up your cyber defenses.

Today’s threats are more ominous than ever with hackers locking entire networks and demanding payment. Not only is ransomware a growing threat, any privacy breach could cause significant harm to your organization, its reputation, and its customers.

In some industries, like healthcare and finance which are subject to regulations such as HIPAA and PCI, your business could be fined for failing to implement appropriate safeguards.

Even if your business does not store sensitive customer information such as Social Security numbers or credit card numbers, you probably can’t afford to lose data or have your systems go down for an extended time period. This risk is too high to ignore this ever-growing threat.

It’s time to strengthen your company’s cyber security. Quikteks specializes in implementing security solutions to minimize these threats. Our information security consultants and technicians can deploy powerful network security solutions designed to mitigate the threat and prevent attempted intrusions from becoming serious data breaches.

We recommend using a Unified Threat Management tool consisting of a suite of enterprise-grade computer security solutions such as spam blocking, antivirus, and content filtering software as well as a firewall. These elements work together to thwart hackers, malware, trojans, drive-by downloads, and other threats before they can cause harm. Quikteks can design a Unified Threat Management solution to fit the unique needs of your business.

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