Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) have been limited in the level of the technology they could use. Now, however, there are options available that enable SMB to accomplish more – but this requires a plan.

What Is Your IT Infrastructure?

Your IT infrastructure is everything that helps you store and use data, including your network, storage system, and the hardware and software solutions used to access them. It’s your business’ backbone, supporting your operations and allowing data to be transported where it needs to go.

IT infrastructure is essential to business success, so your small business will need an infrastructure strategy.

Determining Your IT Infrastructure Strategy

A good infrastructure strategy should include these best practices:

Centralize, Standardize, and Simplify

Your infrastructure has probably developed based on the needs it had various times, so it may include a mix of technologies which makes it more complicated to improve and update.

When designing your new infrastructure, centralize, standardize, and simplify. Take advantage of the current standardization of software. and integrate components. You want to create a centralized platform with better compatibility and efficient communication across the business. This will simplify tasks and provide more ease of use.


Information technology is always adapting and changing. Your IT infrastructure needs to be able to accommodate this. Ask yourself where your biggest speed constraints are. How can you fix that? Are there any ways that you can update to consolidate your existing system while limiting security risks?


Consider that your IT actually provides a service to your operations, in that it allows them to happen. When designing your infrastructure, consider that it will be providing your entire business with the tools it needs to function. What you need your infrastructure to do, and what will you need it to do in the future?

Consider a Managed IT Infrastructure

Think back to the beginning of your business, when it was just you and one or two other people. You may have had a hand in setting up your network back then, so why not now? Think about it:

First, consider your responsibilities. By now, if things are going well, you have a lot more on your plate. Do you really have the time to properly strategize and maintain your infrastructure? Second, technology has changed. Do you want to tackle that learning curve, or should you let someone with experience take care of your infrastructure?

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