Futuristic technology has been springing up in everywhere lately; it can enable previously unrelated household items like ovens and refrigerators to become part of a network, and be used to help people in their everyday lives. It is advantageous to be on the cutting edge of new technology. This technology is not just for consumers, but can help offices and business owners around the world. Are you aware of the latest technological trends?



Why Be Trendy?

Utilizing cutting edge technology will give your business an advantage over your competition. However, it may be hard to find time to keep up with the latest trends in technology. As a business leader, you probably don’t have a “look for new technology” appointment blocked out in your daily schedule. With all the incredible new technological solutions entering the market for business application, you can’t afford not to be spending time researching new technological developments.

Think how business was done just 20 years ago. The Internet was a fairly recent tool that many businesses and consumers had yet to integrate into their everyday operations, the post office was in its heyday because widespread email use had yet to catch on, cell phones were carried around in bags, and pagers were cutting edge technology.

The modern office is substantially different from the office of 1994, thanks to technology. From pagers to CRT to LCD, and portable bag to pocket, technology has been constantly upgraded, one device at a time.

Take it From HD DVD
When you are considering upgrading your technology, it’s important to do research about the product you wish to upgrade to. It’s crucial to understand why the new product is superior to your current model, and how it’s going to cut costs and increase productivity for your business. Conversely, it is just as vital to develop the ability to recognize technology that will become obsolete in a short period of time and will become a burden to your business. A prime example of this is when families purchased HD DVD players back in 2007. The entertainment industry played a cruel trick on these families, as HD DVD production was halted in 2008, rendering the whole format entirely useless.

IT Consultation
Upgrading your current technology can be risky for this reason and it is wise to seek advice from a technology consultant to help with these important business decisions. An IT consultant will take the time to understand your business and its technology needs. The consultant will then make recommendations on what are the best technological solutions to maximize productivity and minimize expense for your company. Another advantage of an IT consultant is that they can introduce you to technological solutions that you may not have known about otherwise. How great would it have been to have an IT consultant back when you bought that HD DVD player? They would have told you to wait until Blu-Ray won the format battle, and to invest in a Blu-Ray player instead.

Quikteks can act as your company’s IT consultant, analyzing your business needs, and giving you suggestions that will benefit your company. We do the research so you don’t have to. For example, if your company needs to upgrade to a new server, we’ll do the research and introduce you to the best choice. Quikteks will provide a solution that will not break your budget and will increase your productivity.

Whenever you need advice about your current technology, or ideas for upgrades, give us a call at 973-882-4644. We can help you optimize your budget dollars by supplying you with the most current technology, and help you stay the trendiest business of your kind in North Jersey.