One uncontrollable aspect in life is Mother Nature. There’s no way you can stop a hurricane from ripping your roof off, but you can have an emergency plan in place for when/if it happens. People need to know what their responsibilities are and the action they need to take in those cases. How will your business continue operations in the event of a natural disaster?

Having these plans in place is a necessity for any business wishing to reduce the collateral damage associated with these types of events. This is known as a business continuity plan. The primary goal is to prevent injury and casualty’s to your employees while also reducing capital loss due to rebuilding and operational downtime. Do you have a business continuity plan in place? If so, are you able to reach your customers even if your place of business is devastated?

There are many phases to a business continuity plan, we will give you an overview of the process.

Threat Analysis and Impact
Having a couple of fire extinguishers, a first aid kit and an emergency exit plan isn’t enough. Even though it may not happen often, you need to think “epidemic” and how it will affect your business. Things like Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Flood, Fire and even human error. Don’t you think it would be good to be prepared for any devastating event thrown your way? Loss is inevitable, but knowing how it can impact your business, while providing solutions to minimize the loss.

Recovery Solutions
Now that you know how these types of events can impact your business, you can start by drafting a roadmap on how to manage things like injury/casualty prevention, data loss, and remote operations. So now that you’ve determined the safest routes, places and procedures for your employees to follow in the event of one of these scenarios, what do you do about the other important parts of your business, such as data loss prevention and remote operations? You’ll have to determine your secondary worksites. Quikteks can help you with data preservation, and access, while in that location.

Remember, your building is replaceable. So are your company vehicles, computers, desks, chairs, and even your product if your business holds inventory. We’re sure your insurance company will love you after they hand you the checks for that. Your data, however, cannot be repurchased, so you need to take out another insurance policy, a BDR. Quikteks can provide you with this solution at a low flat-rate.

Practice Procedures
You’ve analyzed possible threats and how they could impact your business in the worst case scenarios, you’ve developed procedures in the event of these threats, and now you have to practice them. Unfortunately, it takes time and effort to hold these drills which means it translates into cost. The good thing is that if you take advantage of a BDR solution from Quikteks, your data will always be safe. We backup your data on a continued basis so you can feel comfortable knowing, no matter what happens, your data will never be lost.

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