Despite global warming, people in the United States have been experiencing some brutally cold winters recently. Cold weather makes humans do crazy things, like leaving their devices in freezing cars for hours. Is it ok for your gadgets to chill out?

Don’t Get Extreme

The extreme popularity of mobile devices means that many people take them everywhere, and end up leaving their smartphones, mp3 players, tablets, and laptops in their cars. In countries with cold winters, this can be a disaster.

How Does the Cold Affect Your Devices?

While it’s true that computers generally run better in cooler temperatures, prolonged exposure to freezing weather is not good for technology. Here are three simple reasons not to leave your gadgets out in the cold:

1. Your batteries will drain rapidly. After a few hours, your battery will likely be drained completely, rendering your gadget useless until its next charge.

2. Freezing temperatures can seriously damage screens and monitors, possibly causing them to stop working entirely.

3. When your cold device is warmed too quickly, condensation forms inside, damaging its internal components.

How Cold is Too Cold?

As a general rule, if it’s uncomfortable for you, it’s bad for your technology, and if your gadgets are going to be exposed to temperatures below freezing, you can bet that they’re going to be negatively affected.

Pack It Up

The solution is simple: bring your stuff inside with you. A few minutes is fine, as in a pit stop to the grocery store or gas station, but when we leave our technology in the car long enough to get really cold, we put it at risk. Instead, throw the Smartphone in your pocket, or invest in a hip laptop bag for all your tech.

If You Forget

If you do happen to forget your technology in the cold for several hours, don’t use it right away. Bring your device inside and let it gradually warm up gradually before you recharge and use it. This will help the internal components to dry out before being subject to electrical charge.

Worst Comes to Worst, Call Quikteks Tech Support

If you think your technology may be ruined from being left out in the cold weather, Quikteks Tech Support can fix your gadgets and bring them back to life. Give us a call at 973-882-4644 to learn about our solutions for all of your IT needs, and remember to bring your gadgets inside!