Hollywood Hackers?

When you think about cyber attacks,do you picture a hacker in a ski mask typing furiously, or do you imagine scenes from films like  Mr. Robot? In Hollywood, hacking attacks are perpetrated by deranged masterminds or brilliant hipsters, but that’s just entertainment.

It’s Actually Pretty Boring

Hacking is comparatively mundane. Security company SafeBreach issued the second edition of their Hacker’s Playbook, which details the company’s experiences as they simulated different kinds of data breaches. The methods which succeeded were picked apart to understand how hackers got into the network, how they moved around undetected, and how they stole the data.

Attached Files

The results of such an experiment might shock you. Most successful attacks were the same old tricks. Executable files in email attachments was a favorite tactic in 25% of all attempts, and malware distribution, rootkits, and .zip files were also highly effective. The study concluded that unlike in the movies, it’s not huge vulnerabilities that bring about catastrophe, but simple issues that rely on user errors.

Are You Ready?

Are your security measures ready to protect your systems from these types of threats?  The solutions that you rely on to keep your infrastructure safe from malware may not even be configured  correctly, leaving you wide open to attacks.

It’s Going to Happen

What this means for businesses is that, at some point, you can expect to be hacked. You want to have in place preventative measures to limit damage, and reactive solutions that can quickly detect and eliminate threats. You should also educate your employees on cybersecurity best practices, and keep your systems as up-to-date and functional as possible.

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