Can you tell the difference between the two words, Internet and Intranet? The difference is much more than simply two letters. Both are valuable marketing tools, particularly for small businesses, but what exactly differentiates them from each other? The key to understanding this is a simple English lesson.

A quick analysis of the word “Internet” splits it into two parts; inter and net, meaning network. The word inter is a verb meaning to “put in the earth, bury”[i]. Network is simple enough to guess, meaning too many things to list here – in this case, we’ll go with an “interconnected group of people”. As great as it is to see the Internet as a network of zombies obsessed with technology, the more proper etymologically-sound definition for inter would the Latin preposition meaning “between”. So, in essence, the Internet is a massive group of people connected by their computers.

However, Intranet means something else entirely. The word-forming element intra means “within, inside, on the inside”, so that makes it nearly the exact opposite of the Internet; rather than a complex network of people spread out all around the globe, an Intranet is an internal network woven between systems within an organization. If all of your small business’s computers are connected like this. You have an intranet, but it’s a lot more than just a technical connection. Your intranet is about the relationships you have with the people around you, and the way that they communicate with you through the technology. Quikteks wants to help you use it to further develop the way you utilize your intranet.

Leadership is Important
With any aspect of human interaction, it’s important to hear the voice of everyone involved. To this end, an intranet is exceptionally useful. Collaboration is extremely useful when it comes to marketing, but not as important as a leadership role. Without some semblance of order, nothing can be accomplished. After all, it takes at least one push to get the ball rolling, and once it gets going it will continue to roll until it hits something or it ceases to exist. Be the person to pick the ball up and roll it again. A reliable intranet will result in more effective leadership and prompt responses. Maybe the other employees will even take some initiative and roll the ball themselves.

…But Not More Important than the Clients
The most important part of any marketing campaign are the consumers. Without them, you wouldn’t have any reason to run the marketing campaign. When discussing your intranet, it’s important to take into account the opinions of the consumers. There should be a way for them to interact with your employees and express what they want in your product. The more people who can view this information, the better.

Humans are social animals, so it’s natural that communication is important to us. This communication is key to letting a marketing strategy flourish. Your company’s network is the best place for this communication, so it’s important to have an organized intranet. There are plenty of solutions available, and Quikteks can provide you with the intranet strategy that suits your needs.

If your company’s intranet has seen better days, contact Quikteks at 973-882-4644 and see what options are available for you. With our managed IT services, we can ensure your infrastructure is sound, and provide you with the means to jumpstart your company’s communication–with both your intranet and Internet.

[i] Definitions from the Online Etymology Dictionary

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