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How To Increase PC’s Lifespan

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How To Increase PC’s Lifespan

We all dread that moment. It could be a power surge, an accidental water spill, or a swift roundhouse kick out of frustration, your business computer has died and needs to be replaced immediately. No computer lasts forever but you can extend your PC’s life if you take care of it properly. Here are 5 tips that will increase your computer’s lifespan.




Install System Updates
Operating system manufacturers regularly release their  latest and greatest versions of their products, but it’s almost become annoying to see the  pop up window on your screen to offer seemingly meaningless update. By updating your OS, you will help keep your software properly maintained and protected. You’ll also want to make sure that your anti-virus system is up to date. We recommend performing system updates while your business is closed, so it does not interfere with your employees productivity. At Quikteks, this is one of the core services we offer with our Managed IT Services.

Use Surge Protectors
Installing surge protectors is a very effective, cheap, and practical solution to many computer headaches. By plugging your computer into a surge protector, you can almost guarantee that your machine will be safe when the power goes out, and if it surges back on. Quikteks also recommends unplugging your computer when there is a major storm in the forecast. But, if you can’t make it to the office in time, a quality surge protector will prevent your computer internal parts from getting cooked by electricity.

Power Down Infrequently
It makes sense to think that you should turn your computer on and off every time that you want to use it, but pushing the power button too frequently can actually accelerate its parts demise. Quikteks recommends powering your computer down about once a day, but doing so too frequently can stress its hardware out and lead to early trouble. When we manage and maintain our client’s computer networks our best practice is to schedule the backups for your off-peak hours to ensure your staff isn’t interrupted.

Clean Your PC
Keeping your computer clean does a lot more than providing mere aesthetic benefits. Cleaning your system cuts down the threat of dust and other debris from getting inside of your CPU and sticking to its internal parts. You’ll also need to use canned air to clean your fan, if the fan collects to much debris it will slow down and your PC could over heat..  If your computer is in a high traffic area like a factory floor you may even want to keep your workstation covered up or in protective housing while it’s not in use.

Don’t Move It
Even if you use a laptop computer it is best practice not to move a computer while it’s powered on. Even minor external movement can throw off the moving pieces inside of your machine and cause them to malfunction. If you use a laptop and need to move it while you’re using it, be sure to use both hands and carry it from the base, never by the screen. Also, invest in a protective case for when you travel.

As a business operator, it’s your responsibility to cut costs and increase efficiency. These five tips will help you keep your machines around the office longer so that you don’t have to spend more time and money replacing machines that could have lasted longer. There are a lot more ways than five to keep your machines running clean and trouble free. Quikteks can help you properly maintain your hardware and software to help your business run as efficiently as possible. Call us today at PHONENUMBER to hear some more tips on how to increase your computer’s lifespan.


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