The Windows family of operating systems (OS) have different power-saving modes for users to take advantage of if they find themselves away from their workstation or mobile computing device. Windows 8 features three: Sleep, Hibernate, and Hybrid Sleep.

To access this menu without start menu button software such as Classic Shell, there are a couple options for you. The first one from the Metro interface is to call the “charms” menu by pressing the Windows Key + C > Search > Settings > Power. It will bring you to the Power Options screen. You can also access the power options through the Control Panel by clicking on Hardware and Sound > Power Options.

By putting your computer in the sleep state, it suspends all running applications and immediately shuts down, but allows the user to resume what they are doing quickly, usually within seconds of the command to return from sleep. The information that a user was working on before sleep mode was enacted is stored in RAM. This means that if the computer in sleep mode is shut down, all the data would be lost.

The hibernation setting was designed to be used primarily with laptop computers. While sleep mode keeps your work and settings in RAM, the hibernate mode places these on your hard disk and then turns off your computer. Of all the power-saving settings, hibernate uses the least amount of power, which allows for a user that won’t be utilizing the computer for extended periods, to have a functioning apparatus if he or she is away from a power supply.

Hybrid Sleep
Hybrid sleep has been added as a feature in Windows 8 to be used primarily with Desktop computers. Hybrid sleep is essentially a combination of sleep and hibernation modes. When this feature is enabled, files are placed onto the hard disk as if in hibernation mode, but it also continues in the low-power state as in sleep mode. This allows users to return to work quickly while securing your data in case of a power failure. This feature is the default setting found on systems that run Windows 8.

Making sure your data is secure is paramount for any business professional. Utilizing the power-saving options that Microsoft has developed can not only make sure your data is secure, but also save your device’s battery life if for some reason you are unable to charge it during moments of dormancy. The IT professionals at Quikteks can suggest many time and energy-saving tips that can help your organization be more efficient and productive. Call us at PHONENUMBER and keep your IT working for you.

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