Similar to the yearly spring cleaning efforts around one’s home, New Jersey’s leading tech support company, Quikteks, recommends applying the same annual ritual in the office, specifically with technology.
According to Quikteks owner and CEO Andrew Rich, “Like anything else, technology can become cluttered, and all that clutter can bog down your systems and your team’s productivity.”
Some of the worst offenders? “Old data and old permissions,” he explained. “You probably need to keep most of your data for compliance purposes, but it shouldn’t get in your way day in, day out.”
With this in mind, here are a few quick tips from Quikteks:

Set up an archive system. This can be as simple as setting up a separate network drive for older data or signing up for a cloud-based data archive service. If email systems support email archiving, set it up and start using it.

• Review user roles and permissions. Do users have the most appropriate permissions for their job roles? Do previous employees still have remote access to your systems or cloud-based services?

Test data backups. Are backups executing as planned? Are they backing up ALL of the data you need? Do you have a current backup securely stored offsite or in the cloud in the event of a physical catastrophe such as a fire or flood?

Organize digital files and folders. Ideally, everyone in the office is saving their files to a shared network drive that is backed up at least once per day. Does the current folder structure make sense or is it haphazard? Create an intuitive structure and communicate any changes to your team.

Review your computer security systems. Ideally, these are constantly being monitored and updated as new updates, hot fixes, and security patches are released. If they’re not, immediately update your system and implement a plan to ensure security moving forward.

Clean out your inbox. Many knowledge workers use their inboxes as task managers, letting messages pile up until they’ve been handled. Unfortunately, they rarely get handled, and your inbox can become bogged down with hundreds, if not thousands of messages. A better approach is to use a dedicated task manager and allow your inbox to do its job of alerting you to incoming messages.

“Clearly, spring cleaning your office tech is a big undertaking,” Rich said. “But if you get it under control now, you’ll work more efficiently and sleep better at night knowing your business is protected.”

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