b2ap3_thumbnail_timewaste400.jpgYou can connect to over 2.7 billion people over the Internet, but you probably shouldn’t. There are many people on the Internet with bad intentions, along with several websites that can harm your business. With a Unified Threat Management (UTM) tool, you can protect your business by filtering out the worst of the web.

A UTM network security solution is the ultimate tool to manage all the different threats on the Internet. By providing your network with a strong UTM firewall, you will be able to control who views your company’s website, and which employees can see what websites. This security technology is called content filtering and it can make your staff more productive while keeping your sensitive information safe. Here are three different ways UTM content filtering can benefit your business.

Filter Out by Bad Countries
Is there a country on the planet that you despise? Maybe this nation is your country’s arch rival in the World Cup, maybe you think their country is just shaped funny, or perhaps you find their culture offensive. Whatever you have against this one particular nation, you can adjust the settings on your UTM to make sure that nobody within that country’s borders can view your organization’s website.

From a practical standpoint, filtering out an entire country can help protect your business from a nation that your country is at war with. Today’s battlefields include the Internet as special units of hackers are trained to disable businesses’ websites from enemy countries. One way to protect your company from these commando hackers is to filter out Internet users of hostile countries from accessing your website.

Filter Out by User
Maybe you know which Internet user is threatening your company’s website. This information can be determined from your website’s backend; from here, you will be able to use an analytics tool to see the IP address of people that may be spamming or trying to hack your website. Armed with this information, you can block out this malicious user with your UTM solution. You can also use this same strategy to block out a competitor if you discover they’re spending too much time perusing your web pages.

Filter Out by Productive vs. Unproductive Websites
On the other side of your network firewall, you can use UTM to filter out which websites your employees can visit. This can dramatically boost the productivity of your business when time-wasting websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more are taken off the table.

To be fair, you may have some very responsible employees on your team that can handle Internet privileges, and there may be staff members that need to access social media in order to manage your company’s marketing. For these employees, you can use UTM to provide them full access to the web while filtering out other users that can’t be trusted. Also, with a UTM, you can block access to dangerous sites that have viruses and malware.

UTM is a powerful solution that can improve productivity for your business and keep your network protected. There are billions of people on the Internet, along with millions of threats; all you need is one easy-to-use tool to keep your network safe. To learn more about how UTM can be used to enhance your business, call Quikteks at PHONENUMBER.

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