Money spent on operating costs has to be deducted from the profits your business makes. If you haven’t considered virtual servers and virtual networking, you could be spending a whole lot more than necessary on IT infrastructure. If you want to save your business a significant amount of money every year, it’s worth exploring how a virtual network can help you achieve that.

Save on Physical Server Space

If your company uses dedicated physical servers, that could be costing you thousands of dollars annually. If you switch to using a virtual server, there’s no need to rent or buy space to house a physical server in. It’s common practice now for companies to employ IT staff to monitor their servers and to make sure that they are protected against hackers and the other potential security threats out there. With virtual servers, as long as you have a secure Internet connection, you can access and monitor your network from anywhere.

Ensure Data Safety

There’s no limit to the number of times you can back up virtual servers. Frequent backing up means that your company will never have the hassle of losing sensitive data such as financial documents, customer information or employee files. As well as ensuring that your business operations run smoothly and without interruption, you can be confident that confidential and sensitive data is always stored safely and securely. That means peace of mind for both you and your clients.

Staff Can Use Their Personal Computers to Access the Virtual Network

By switching to a virtual server, it becomes possible for you and your staff will be able to access your network from their own computers and devices. This is useful if they conduct work outside the office, and could reduce the number of office computers you need for the sole purpose of network access. If employees are permitted to work at home, instead of in the office, you could also save money on your water, electricity and gas bills.

Resolve Network Issues Remotely

With a reliable hosting partner, or a managed IT service, your network issues can usually be resolved remotely, so you won’t need an IT professional on staff. Your host will be able to manage your IT without being in the office. Most of the time, a phone call or email is all it will take to get your virtual network problems dealt with. An IT expert can then inspect your network, and find and fix the issue speedily.

Virtualizing your servers and IT infrastructure can save your company a considerable amount of money. Virtual networks help businesses to thrive by cutting the costs of using in-house IT staff, saving on physical server storage space and reducing unnecessary commuting for your staff. Are you ready to switch? Call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644 and a team member will be happy to help.

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