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How Virtualizing Servers and Network Infrastructure Can Save Your Business Tons of Money

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How Virtualizing Servers and Network Infrastructure Can Save Your Business Tons of Money

No business wants to spend more than it needs to on operating costs. If your company has not looked into virtual servers and virtual networking, it could be spending more than it needs to on infrastructure. Listed below are a few ways in which a virtual network can save your business a significant amount of money each year.

Eliminate the Need for Physical Server Space

Your company may be spending thousands of dollars per month or year on dedicated physical servers. However, there is no need to rent or buy space for them when switching to a virtual server. Many companies hire an IT staff to watch over their servers, or spend money to ensure that they are protected against hackers or natural disasters. Instead, you can monitor and access your server from wherever you have a secure Internet connection.

Never Lose Your Data Again

Virtual servers can be backed up as many times as you would like. This means that your company will never lose sensitive data such as patent documents, customer information or employee files. There is also a lower risk of being sued for a breach of confidentiality, and needing to pay large settlements to resolve those cases.

Employees Can Use Their Personal Computers to Access the Network

Another benefit of switching to a virtual server is granting employees the ability to access your network from their own computers. This method will allow you to save money because there is no need to invest in a computer lab or laptops for the sole purpose of network access for employees. In some cases, businesses can take it a step further by allowing employees to work at home instead of in the office. By doing so, the amount of water, electricity and gas used by employees at the office each day will significantly decline.

Solve Network Issues Remotely

If you have a reliable hosting partner, your network issues can usually be solved remotely. This allows your business to go without an IT professional on staff because your host can handle the job. In most cases, solving a network issue is as simple as a quick phone call or email. From there, a representative can look at your network, find and diagnose the issue within minutes.

By going virtual, your company can save a significant amount of money each year.. Virtual networks allow businesses to flourish without the unnecessary costs of commute, IT staff and physical server storage space. Ready to make the switch? Contact us and a team member will be glad to answer any questions you have.