How do you know when to upgrade? While the state of IT improves over time, the environment can accelerate various changes made to it at various rates, so knowing when to upgrade your business technology isn’t always easy. Here are a few clear indicators that the time has come.

Your IT Team is Always Busy

Are they always playing whack-a-mole with one problem after another? Older technology is prone to issues like this. If your internal team is always chasing down problems, or you’re calling the IT guy frequently, it’s probably expedient to upgrade your technology. What you save in maintenance will offset the cost of an upgrade.

Your Employees are Constantly Using Workarounds

If your technology no longer allows your set processes to be followed, your employees aren’t going to be happy. To accomplish what they are responsible for, they will resort to finding their own, less efficient, and less secure methods to get their work done. This can cause a whole new set of problems. Time to upgrade.

Your Technology is Slow

Slow technology can drive anybody crazy. When workstations boot up slowly, the Internet connection is unreliable, and apps take forever to load, it’s time to upgrade.

You Aren’t Making Money

It’s simple math. Inefficient technology completes fewer billable tasks. Your employees are still getting paid, so you’re spending the same amount of money to generate less income. Not good.

Investing in an upgrade will speed up task completion and improve your productivity, generating increased revenue. Seems like a good idea.

You’re More Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

It’s not fair. As technology improves, cyberattacks become more sophisticated. Older technology, especially if your tools have passed their end of support date, is more easily breached. Updating your software, whether it’s your security solution or your productivity suite, protects your network security.

Keeping up to date on your IT upgrades is a no-brainer. Want to talk about it? Reach out to Quikteks at (973) 882-4644. Our professionals can help.