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How To Protect Your IT Systems Against Threats

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How To Protect Your IT Systems Against Threats

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you still have to worry about the security of your data and the integrity of your infrastructure. The good news is that there are services available that allow even small businesses to leverage powerful, enterprise-level tools for maximum network security. Here are some ways to ensure you have the key elements in place to protect your network against threats.

Install a Firewall

Think of a firewall as like a bouncer for your network, that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic for threats and unusual activity. By monitoring the data flowing in and out of your network, you can effectively prevent many attacks before they happen. Remember that even the best firewalls can’t keep out every single threat, and so a firewall should be just one of a suite of ways to maximize online security.

Make Sure You Have an Effective Antivirus Solution

Most computers come with antivirus protection already installed, but you shouldn’t rely on this to protect your system from online threats. The protection they provide is often very basic. With an enterprise-grade antivirus solution, your system will be effectively scanned in order to identify known threats, including viruses, malware and more. To make sure that cyber threats don’t get through remain undetected, a comprehensive antivirus solution is essential.

Block Spam from Your Inbox

Quite apart from wasting your valuable time, spam can also pose a real threat to your business’s network security. Clicking a dubious link or downloading an unsafe attachment is all it takes to become exposed to cybercriminals whose activities can compromise your data. Email spam is the scammer’s favourite method for spreading malware and viruses, not least because the can be bulk-mailed quickly and easily. With spam protection you can block potentially dangerous emails from getting into your inbox at all.

Use a Content Filter

The internet is an amazing resource that provides businesses with endless possibilities and opportunities. The down side is the opportunities for cybercrime, which make it vital to protect your system against threats. Malicious content on the Internet includes websites designed to harvest personal and confidential information and sites and communications loaded with viruses and malware. A web content filter is a useful tool to ensure that your staff can’t access unsafe or undesirable websites.

How effective is your business’s network security? Quikteks can help your business to maximize online security and minimize the chances of a data breach. Proactive measures are the best way to protect your systems against threats, so reach out to us today to get started. Call us at (973) 882-4644 for assistance.

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