Email is an aging communication protocol, but the modern office still depends on it heavily. While we will eventually have better office communication solutions, right now it’s important to make sure that using it is easy and efficient.

Here are some practical workarounds for the challenges we all face using email in the office.

Spam: Ruining Email Since Its Inception

Named after a dreadful canned meat product, spam is usually seen as a threat to network security due to the viruses or malware it often carries. More than anything, though, spam is a waste of your time. Over 60 percent of the emails that a business receives is spam. Even without considering the very real threats to access your network, the time it takes to sift through inboxes quickly adds up.

Luckily there are great spam solutions that screen email before it gets to your inbox. Still, not all spam filters are created equal, so make sure you go beyond the basic spam filter in your bundle. Quiktek’s spam protection solution is specifically designed to keep spam out of your inbox and far away from your business, protecting your productivity and safety.

Archiving: Manage Your Stored Messages

What happens to emails after they’ve been sent and received? It’s a best practice to store emails for a certain amount of time to ensure accountability for messages that relate to your business. Their secure storage is especially important when the messages contain important, or even classified, information. Also, in the event of user error or a hacking attack, you need access to inbox messages.

Quikteks Tech Support has a great solution. Our email backup and archiving solution creates a secure storage receptacle for business emails. Stored according to your specification, the messages are secure and ready for access, so you know you can always reach the information without worrying about them being compromised.

Business needs powerful, enterprise-level spam protection and email archiving solutions, and that’s where Quikteks comes in. Our techs can help you implement a powerful, affordable email solution. Give us a call at (973) 882-4644.

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