We’ve all learned from conducting business that cutting costs is a priority for successful business operation. While there are plenty of products available that promise to save your business money, perhaps the easiest and most effective way is to outsource IT. Gartner Inc. reports that you can eliminate a quarter of your IT expenses by simplifying your IT network.



Without a clearly mapped out IT game plan from the beginning, your company can easily end up with an overly complex IT infrastructure that costs more money to maintain than it should. This disorganized network can take on several different life forms. Does your network infrastructure look something like this?

  • Your network connection cables look like a birds nest
  • Your company lacks a clearly defined IT plan
  • Every network user has their own local printer.
  • Your network devices were carelessly installed.
  • Your file paths are do not have a clearly defined nomenclature.    

If you can identify with any of these points, your business’ IT system is costing you more to operate than it has to. In this case, an estimated 25% of your budgeted IT dollars are being spent on purchasing longer cables, installing more unnecessary connections, and servicing your equipment. Your company is investing unnecessary time and money into purchasing and maintaining IT infrastructure.  Now, let’s look at how to save your company some IT dollars.

Adapting New Technologies
The goal of technology in the first place is to simplify your life at work by making you more productive. The latest trends in technology mirror this philosophy. Now more than ever, devices are smaller, faster, and easier to use. Likewise, their operating systems are becoming more intuitive, saving us time and effort by cutting out massive learning curves. Simplicity is the solution to cutting a quarter of your company’s IT costs. Quikteks can analyze your IT infrastructure, and help design new solutions to simplify your network and save you money.

Our Managed IT Services plan for your company may be as simple at rerouting a few cables, or as complex as upgrading your servers and network infrastructure.. No matter what we suggest for your business, we’ll be able to show you how you can save money and time on your IT efforts that you can in turn invest into other aspects of running your business.

Adopting an IT philosophy of simplicity will ultimately add to the value of your business. You’ll have less devices to maintain and integrate into your network, and you’ll save your employees from having to wait on your technology, increasing their productivity at work. Ultimately, increasing the efficiency of your technology means increasing the efficiency of your business and everybody working for it, while cutting costs and maximizing profits.

If you would like to know how your company can potentially cut a quarter of its IT costs and maximize your efficiency by simplifying your network, then give Quikteks a call at PHONENUMBER.