It makes sense if you think about it: collaborative working is a great way to boost productivity and take your organization forward faster. Taking advantage of the option-rich, dynamic technology available today is a great way to enhance your collaborative strategies and project co-ordination. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies organizations that prioritize collaborative work use.


If you’re looking to make adjustments to your working practices, you’ve probably already acknowledged that you can do more for the health of your business. Here’s the good news if you’re seeking to create a more collaborative workplace: you already have much of the technology you’ll need. You just need to get it working in ways that will optimize collaboration.

What does this involve? First of all, you’ll need strong wireless internet set up. You may have to revisit your infrastructure to make sure that you have effective wireless access points covering the entire workplace. You’ll also need to ensure that people on the move are kept in the loop, with data-sharing and project management information circulating efficiently. Good data security is an essential.

The largest expense when it comes to hardware will be providing mobile devices to your staff, to facilitate collaborative working and communication. You could get powerful smartphones at a good price, but you’d probably have to buy a number of them to get a good price reduction.


Hardware isn’t cheap, but software can be even more of a budget challenge. If your organization operates traditionally, with an office where computing resources are centralized, this will need revisiting. The key to collaborative working is access to those tech resources, so they can get work done. Private cloud platforms are one way to go, but they can be too expensive for many small and medium-sized businesses with a more limited budget.

Using cloud-hosted software can be the most cost-effective solution. With this option you’ll be able to provide your staff with all the computing resources they need to be productive. There are all sorts of business communications options, productivity suites and management platforms to choose from, and there will almost certainly be cloud-hosted software available to suit your requirements. Cloud-hosted software with a built-in access management system will allow staff to login from anywhere with an internet connection, while administrators have enough control to protect your network from security problems.

Policies for Collaborative Working

Data-sharing is at the heart of enhanced collaboration in the workplace, but that needs to be backed up with the right policies that ensure that data-sharing is not the exception, but the norm. It’s not about excessive monitoring of employee activity – it’s more about making it easy for people to access data when it’s required.

The platforms now available aren’t just about management keeping tabs on operational decision-making. The technology promotes communication of the organization’s vision and give workers addition freedom and flexibility, as well as additional tools for project coordination. Collaborative working isn’t without pitfalls, but workers today are more accustomed to digital communication than ever before. Productivity is about smarter working, and you can take advantage of this skillset to benefit your business.

Business communications are constantly evolving, and businesses that stay on top of developments have the edge. Is your organization planning to enhance collaborative working and coordinate projects more effectively? Call the IT professionals at Quikteks Tech Support today, at (973) 882-4644.