The Internet of Things is older than you think. The first d evices with some level of artificial intelligence and internet connectivity came out in 1982, mainly as fringe technology. Today the IoT has become an essential tool for many business functions. Let’s take a look.

Here are some ways that the IoT can benefit business processes:

  • • Improve the customer service experience
  • • Increase business opportunities and revenue
  • • Improve workplace safety and security
  • • Increase productivity
  • • Enhance analytics
  • • Increase operational cost efficacy
  • • Improve data functions
  • • Expand opportunities for smart devices

Customer Service/Experience

Today businesses live and die by their online customer reviews. Businesses have to do everything they can to optimize the customer’s experience if they want to survive.

How does the IoT make the customer experience better? Smart technologies like credit card readers that plug into a smartphone make the purchasing progress smoother. Smart tracking solutions let the client know the progress of their delivery, increasing efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Assorted smart technologies can improve business processes every day.

Business Opportunities and Potential Revenue

The IoT can make your team even more efficient by taking repetitive tasks off their shoulders. By using the IoT to speed up processes and automate, businesses can increase their market and use their employees more efficiently to pursue revenue-generating opportunities.

Workplace Safety

The IoT can help to minimize the risk to workers in industries where potentially hazardous situations arise. Smart sensors can analyze and track environmental conditions and other factors, predicting dangerous situations, and alerting your team in time. IIoT security solutions can give you office video surveillance on your smartphone, and smart locks and authentication systems keep unauthorized people out of the building.


The Internet of Things includes smart devices that can take care of essential tasks that would otherwise eat up your team’s schedule. This allows them to use their time more effectively, boosting your productivity. Location intelligence can keep track of your inventory in real-time with live maps, boosting efficiency and freeing up employees for other tasks.

IoT systems can help your business work smarter by measuring activity impacts and scheduling them into existing trends in workplace productivity.


Analysis of customer behaviors and tendencies offer valuable insights. The IoT can collect and compile analytic data from multiple sources and condense it into actionable insights so that you can shape what you offer to current trends. From macro analyses to customer profiles, IoT analytics can help you grab a bigger piece of the market by knowing what they want.

Cost Efficacy

Profitable success comes from delivering the highest value while keeping your own costs low. With IoT analytics, a business identifies its largest expenses and optimize the infrastructure and process expenses. Analytics can predict downtime so you can mitigate it, and eliminate redundancy. This keeps costs down while boosting output.

Data Function

IoT devices are particularly useful when it comes to collecting various data points and tracking and analyzing them over time. With these technologies, operations can be adjusted to meet predicted demands. Processes can be proactively optimized, with increasingly accurate results over time. From customer behavior to demand patterns, many business considerations can be processed and anticipated.

Opportunities for Smart Devices

Certain industries have seen the largest rise in IoT utilization. Healthcare providers, transportation companies, educational institutions, and various other industries now lead in the operational and analytical use of smart devices. As these industries generate increasing numbers of data points, the IoT will become even more integral to operations.

As technology advances, businesses need to adopt innovations to remain competitive in their field. We can help you identify, implement, and maintain the new technology solutions that fit your needs. Reach out to Quikteks today at (973) 882-4644 to learn more about our managed services. We can help.

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