Take a look at the business and the computer-based technology it relies on. There may be more than you think. The fact is that we live in the computer age and depend on IT for all sorts of things. Whether you run a small retail business, a multi-location office or a factory, IT solutions oil the wheels of your business. New business technology that can advance your organization’s work is appearing all the time.

Here are some areas where it can be valuable to you.

Customer Relations and Service

The value of good customer relations is hard to estimate, but it’s definitely huge. A business with poor customer service, and poor support for the products that it sells, will alienate the people who keep their business going. Various tech solutions can help businesses improve customer service.

Customer relationship management software is dedicated to doing exactly that. Among other tools to manage support work, one of its features is a ticketing system that makes sure that customer concerns or complaints come to the attention of the decision-makers or other staff, who can respond to them effectively and quickly.

Social media can also be useful in building good customer relations by engaging with customers. Facebook and Twitter give a business opportunities to promote its products and expertise, as well as giving customers a voice. Of course, this can work two ways, and can give a platform to negative feedback as well as praise for your organization. A company that generally has good relationships with its clients has less to fear, and can use social media as an effective way to engage with prospects and existing clients.

Managing Productivity

Your revenue stream is what keeps your business moving forward – or staying afloat. To keep your revenue flowing you need to be on top of your productivity levels. Various business technology solutions are available to help companies of all types and sizes to build their revenue streams and boost productivity.

Time-tracking software is one solution that can be very useful, because in business time is money. It usually comes as part of a scheduling solution. What it does is allow managers to monitor and review how long projects or the delivery of services is actually taking. It can also allot times and targets for the accomplishment of particular tasks. It’s all about streamlining work processes and monetizing the time spent on tasks.

Some of the most useful tech solutions that focus on increased productivity are hosted in the cloud. Various cloud-hosted software solutions include collaborative options that give staff more flexibility that can help to boost productivity. Because most cloud computing applications can be used from a variety of devices, and their use is scalable, this is an option that doesn’t require a company to spend more to achieve the productivity they are seeking.

Managing Finances

Not all organizations are centrally concerned with profits, but they all need to keep a handle on financial affairs and manage them efficiently. Even non-profit organizations can sink if decisions that affect the bottom line, some of which are made on a daily basis, are mismanaged. Software to manage payrolls, incoming monies and revenue streams can make these tasks much easier, and can allow them to be controlled with greater rigor.

Prioritizing Security

Everyone knows that security is important for any business. This can’t be repeated often enough. It is, or should be, a top priority. From keeping your premises and equipment safe to protecting your network from cyberattacks, security is essential. Tech solutions to keep your IT systems secure include antivirus software, firewalls, spam blocking and content filtering.

With the rise of work on the move, wireless network and mobile access are also issues that need to be considered today. Where there’s technology in use, there’s usually a tech solution to cover any problems that might arise. There are plenty of solutions to facilitate mobile business while making sure that your data and IT systems are safe from intruders or unauthorised users.

The trend for using technology for business is on the rise and isn’t going to go away. If anything, business technology will become more and more crucial. If you’d like to talk about an assessment or advice about tech solutions that can help you, call the tech professionals at Quikteks at (973) 882-4644.

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