You may know that Quikteks has a help desk to assist our clients. Different companies offer support in various ways. We’d like to share some of the reasons why we think that our approach to IT support is better for our customers. It’s partly because of the tools we use. They’ve been chosen to make our work easier but that leads in turn to improved support for clients. Here are some of the features that help us to give you the best support.

Optimal Organization

Help desks are always busy and so they need to make sure they have efficient systems to handle requests for assistance. Instead of tasking a staff member to log all the information, we use an automated system to create tickets for requests. This means they can be delivered to the appropriate person faster. There’s less room for human error, so requests and emails can’t be overlooked or lost, or wrongly scheduled.

With the help desk software allocating tickets correctly, there’s no duplication or wastage of the resources we have to attend to the problem. The request is assigned to one person who takes responsibility for it, and brings in additional resources as the issue demands. You will usually have one point of contact, with all the information about the request in one place. This is how we ensure that everyone is on the same page and working together effectively.


If you want to get hold of us there are lots of ways to do that. You can reach out to us via the website, by emailing Quikteks or giving us a call. That makes it easy for you to make contact and gives you flexibility. If you need help because your email isn’t working then it wouldn’t be much good if email was the only way to reach us.

This is important in another way too. The key to keeping your systems and business technology functioning well is IT support that deals with problems as soon as possible. Our remote monitoring picks up issues quickly, but if you think something’s wrong and needs attention then it’s still important that you can get hold of us fast when you need IT support.


In every walk of life, people sometimes make mistakes. Even the skilled professionals at Quikteks sometimes may slip up. We’re only human. But with the right systems in place, we can automate as much as possible, minimizing or removing human error in the process. Your business saves time, mistakes are kept to a minimum and the end result is that we can get your IT functioning again in the shortest possible time.

We hope this gives you some idea of how our team at the Quikteks help desk work to assist you. If you would like further information about IT help desk support for your business technology, give us a call at (973) 882-4644.

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