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Hosted VoIP Brings a Lot of Benefits

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Hosted VoIP Brings a Lot of Benefits

The average person spends hours a day on their phone. For the average business, finding a way to support this trend is extremely important. This is why many businesses have begun to do away from their traditional telephone system for the massive benefits that Voice over Internet Protocol brings. Today, we will outline four major benefits of hosted VoIP to help you understand that if you aren’t using VoIP, you are probably leaving money on the table. 

Benefit #1 – Cost Reduction

The cloud has helped millions of businesses get the technology they need without having to pay the high upfront costs that many software developers require. Beyond that, the cloud-hosted software is typically managed and maintained by the provider, further reducing the cost of running the software. For hosted VoIP, companies can get a powerful PBX platform, hosted in the cloud, with all types of advanced features that would cost them much more if they chose to host their telephone platform themselves. Furthermore, companies don’t have to spend money on additional phone cable drops for their business. VoIP-enabled phones plug right into the workstation making the hardware easy to set up and easy to maintain, or they can use your existing network cabling.

Benefit #2 – Flexibility

One of the major benefits of VoIP is the flexibility it gives a business. Not only do you pay per user per month for the service, you also are provided the ability to use the softphone app on Android and iOS-supported phones. This removes the need for registration or year-long contracts that can be prohibitive for a business’ budget. If you need to set up a new user, you simply add an account and set the phones up and you are ready to go in minutes.

Benefit #3 – Mobility

As mentioned above, each VoIP account comes with the ability to sync up a mobile device to the number. This allows users to use their own personal device for business calls from the same number they have on their office phone. Some businesses pay a premium to get their employees on their mobile platform, including buying devices, paying for service and data plans and more. With VoIP and a well-concocted Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, each user can get a built-in mobile platform without creating new costs for the business. 

Benefit #4 – Options

One of the biggest benefits that a VoIP platform presents a business is the ability to get the communications and collaboration tools they need through their hosted telephone system. Many businesses today are leaning heavily on their video conferencing system for meetings, as many employees are still working remotely. A Hosted VoIP platform integrates video conferencing and a lot of other useful features that enhance the ability to do business seamlessly. 

Choosing to move to a VoIP platform could be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. The IT professionals at COMPANYNAME can help you get set up with an enterprise-grade telephone system for your business that will change the way you communicate. Give us a call today at PHONENUMBER to learn more about the VoIP platform we have available.

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