Today there are more types of malware than ever. An anti-malware strategy is vital to keep your business network up and running. Let’s talk about the basics of keeping your cybersecurity strategy working properly.

Secure Your Access Points

Did you know there are websites that provide the default factory passwords for all kinds of devices? If you are sloppy about changing access point passwords, anyone can access your network just knowing what hardware you run.

Think about every single access point your business has, and lock them down. Do this by securing every access point with different passwords, and two-factor authentication where possible. Start with all hardware, then secure your online accounts.

Secure your physical location’s access points too. Document all of your network’s possible entrances and secure them. This might be anything from a good lock to card entry and video surveillance.

Keep Your Antivirus Updated

Your antivirus solution keeps out unwanted entities by blocking software from a threats list. This threats list is constantly updated as new malicious entities are defined. If the antivirus solution doesn’t have the latest updates, new malware passes right through. Make sure your antiviruses, antimalware, and firewalls are updated with the latest threat definitions.

Keep a Backup

Keep regular backups. If something gets through, you can quickly restore from backup, minimizing downtime.

Remember it just takes one malware event to create a disaster. Our professional technicians are experts in data and network security. To talk to one of our IT experts about securing your business, call Quikteks today at (973) 882-4644.