In almost every organization, internet access is needed for people to do their jobs. Maybe it’s okay for them to watch funny cat clips and viral videos, use social media and play online games on their lunch break if that doesn’t interfere with anything else. It’s not okay to do it all day long or to access malware-laden websites. Business owners can manage internet activity that isn’t work-related, by using a content filtering solution on their network.

Web Content Filtering

A web content filtering solution is a simple way to stop users from accessing undesirable websites using your network, by blocking access to the sites you designate. Those users can be staff at their workstations in the office, employees working remotely off-site or even visitors using your Wi-Fi for their own purposes. For enhanced security and productivity, content filtering is the answer.

Manage Productivity

Managing productivity can be a headache at the best of times. Political discussions, chit-chat and slow Mondays are part of office life. The distractions that the internet offers in abundance are another drag on productivity. To boost your bottom line, you can use content filtering to make sure that time spent online is time spent on work, not frittered away elsewhere.

All It Takes Is One Click

Visiting a website with malicious content and clicking on a single link can be all it takes to infect your whole network. There are a ton of websites that are specifically designed as vehicles for spreading malware. The scammers are clever, and fake or spoofed sites can fool users who are experienced and alert to cyber threats. Content filtering is a way to help ensure that your staff only visit legitimate websites, and the risk to your network is minimized.

Keep Yourself From Distracting, Too!

It’s not just about keeping employees on their toes. With content filtering on your own computer, you can stop yourself being distracted. If you’re a business owner you don’t want to be the one whose internet browsing damages your network security. A data breach that comes from the desk of the boss is especially embarrassing, let alone a disruption to your business operations.

Quikteks offers a versatile content filtering solution. It’s designed for enterprises with multiple departments, who use the internet for different activities. This means that you can apply it flexibly, setting the controls variably. For example, you may not want all of your employees to be able to access social media, but it’s a business tool for the person who deals with marketing. Blocking access on a per-user basis is a big advantage, rather than imposing a blanket ban.

Content filtering is a useful measure to counter security threats and time-wasting, but it’s only one of several tools in the security toolbox. Our Unified Threat Management tool also includes firewall protection, spam prevention, antivirus software and more. To avoid the worst of the web, call Quikteks today at (973) 882-4644.

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