Antivirus software can be an important part Let’s take a look at antivirus solutions to show you how it removes unwanted files and malicious code.

What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software was developed as a tool to scan for malware and remove it from your system. There are several companies that create antivirus programs and some are more effective than others at dealing with nefarious programs. Bottom line, with all the malware and other unwanted code being shared from the Internet, having an antivirus system in place is crucial.

What Does Antivirus Do?

Antivirus software:

  • • Allows the user to schedule scans
  • • Allows the user to initiate scans of a file, part of a computer, or network.
  • • Identifies, and removes any malicious code.
  • • Shows the efficiency of the computer construct as it pertains to malware.

How Does Antivirus Work?

The antivirus program downloads existing threat definitions and scans your files for matching code. New cloud-hosted options that store all permutations of available malware are proving more effective than locally-hosted antivirus programs.

All executable files that enter the system enter the scan, and if they match any of the stored threat definitions, they are blacklisted, blocked, and quarantined. The user can override, but if antivirus blocks a program, there’s a good chance its malware.

Should I Pay for Antivirus?

Yes, you can get free software, but the paid services are usually better at identifying newer threats. Since any threat could be the one that makes your life a living hell, paying a few bucks a year to protect your data and infrastructure is a very good idea.

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