VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, has been eagerly adopted by businesses as a communications solution. VoIP has many benefits for businesses, but even existing users might be surprised at the additional features that it offers. Read on to make sure you’re making the most of it!

VoIP Features

Most of the services you’re used to with a standard telephone are also available with VoIP. These include hold, call transfer, call forwarding and call blocking. The biggest advantage of using the internet for calls is price, since it offers substantial savings. But, depending on the services that individual VoIP providers offer, there’s a whole lot more than just these traditional services. VoIP takes things to the next level, with many features that could be useful for your organization. Here are some of the best extras that VoIP can offer.

Outbound Call Control

Work phones are for work, not for the personal use of employees. If your staff are taking liberties and using the phone excessively for personal calls, VoIP features include a solution. Outbound call control places limits on which numbers can be called via the office phone.

Call Recording

It’s perfectly acceptable to record business calls made by your employees, as long as you have the other party’s consent. That’s why a lot of calls to businesses include a voice message stating that the call ‘will be recorded for quality assurance purposes’, or similar. Analysis of these messages permits businesses to make sure that their interactions with clients are friendly, professional and effective. It can be a useful tool for some businesses to monitor staff-customer interactions.

Call Blocking

Anyone with a phone has probably had to deal with the annoyance of unwelcome cold callers. Included in VoIP features is the option to block these calls, which are a nuisance for everyone and a waste of time that can more profitably spent on business matters.

VoIP is a valuable business solution that can save money and enhance your organization’s efficiency. If you are considering VoIP, Quikteks can help your business to implement it. To learn more, reach out to us at (973) 882-4644.