There are many advantages that come with switching your company’s traditional phone system to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP uses the Internet to handle all of your communication needs; this can streamline your communications and save you 50-70% compared to a traditional phone plan. Not only can VoIP save your business operating costs, it can also make your company more efficient.

There are dozens of features that come with a VoIP plan, many of them are free, which is an advantage over traditional phone plans that will charge you extra per feature. There is one VoIP feature in particular that can be used to really help your organization’s professional image called Interactive Voice Response (IVR). You have likely interacted with an IVR system when you called a large company and navigated your way through an automated menu to talk to a specific department.

The business world has a divided opinion when it comes to automated phone answering systems. Many companies like it because it is a professional way to handle a high volume of phone calls. It can be risky to have an untrained employee answer the phone. They may suffer from Foot-to-Mouth Syndrome and misrepresent your company. IVR eliminates this risk with a recording that you have the ability to go back and edit.

One downside to IVR  is its lack of personal touch. Perhaps, you have a receptionist who knows your company forwards and backwards, including which people to relay straight to your voicemail. Whichever phone answering camp that you find yourself in, it’s nice to know that you will have IVR as an option with your VoIP plan.

If you do choose to take advantage of VoIP with IVR, it is easy to setup and easy to customize; you can even program your IVR to play your favorite music while the caller is on hold and waiting to be transferred. IVR will also give the caller the impression that your business is well organized. IVR will help you handle a high-volume of calls while saving you the expense of hiring a receptionist.

To get VoIP for your business and take advantage of IVR and many of the other dozens of VoIP features, like caller ID, web and voice conferencing, off site phone system, e-mail integration, and oh so much more, then call Quikteks at PHONENUMBER.

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