As a business, you have to market yourself. Fitting everything you do into a catch phrase doesn’t do justice to your many services. We know the feeling. As an IT Company, we do much more than computer repair. In fact, we work hard to find solutions for every part of business, including areas you wouldn’t suspect, like administration and more!

Granted, a lot of what we do involves computer networks and workstations, but technology’s role has evolved to influence every aspect of professional life. Therefore, we have taken great strides to familiarize ourselves with every department that uses technology. Armed with this broad familiarization of the business world, we are able to provide solutions at every juncture where life and technology meet. An administration department is a good example of a professional group that we can provide great solutions for, even though we might not be known for it.

Just like every other professional, administrators experience pain points from technology. One of these pain points comes from hiring and firing of new employees. Upon being hired, an employee is given access to the company’s network. If an employee is canned, however, then it’s the administrator’s job to disable their access to the network.

Administrators are busy people, perhaps this is your role and you often find yourself juggling too many tasks at once. An administrator may be so burdened with their day-to-day responsibilities that they can easily put off a “small” detail like removing a terminated employee’s access to the company’s network. Quikteks has a managed solution that will assist you with this common administrative problem. All you have to do is notify us of who was let go, and we will quickly remove all of the former employee’s network access points from our end.

Here is a list of other pain points we can help resolve for office administrators:
Streamline workflows in phone system for the receptionist.
Document workflows.
Business consulting with a Virtual CIO.
Hardware fulfillment.
Mobile device fulfillment.

These are just a few of the ways we provide solutions for office administrators, and you can bet that if there is another area in your office that has a technology need, then we can help. At Quikteks, we go beyond computer repair; in fact, it’s our goal to find solutions for technology problems that touch every business department. Because we provide such a vast array of IT services, you might not have heard about this service. It can be difficult to market every one of our solutions into a catchy tagline, but after you get to know us, you will discover that we are great at doing everything we can “to make technology work for you!”

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