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Free Yourself from IT Burdens!

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Free Yourself from IT Burdens!

Everybody loves their freedom, but for some, freedom is an illusion. A classic example is the overworked business owner. Usually, their work schedules are so overloaded with tasks that they don’t feel free to take a break and enjoy themselves. Technically, they have the freedom to quit, but quitting is not an option for a dedicated business owner.  Quikteks thinks there’s a better way to find freedom in the workplace!

It is impossible to enjoy the fruits of freedom if you’re chained to your desk. In many situations, poor time management is the freedom killer. As an over-worked business owner, you may be thinking, “That’s hogwash! I’m a master of time management. I use productivity apps to plan my day down to the minute, but somehow I still can’t find any free time.” If this sounds like a familiar scenario then, you need to find and implement a better solution that will enable you to free up more time.

This is where Quikteks can help. We can’t provide you with additional minutes for your day, but what we can do is provide your business with technologies that allow you use your time more efficiently. By freeing you from the burdensome tasks you have to do, we can effectively give you more freedom. At Quikteks we think that technology is the key to freedom. Here are three business technologies that will free up your work day!

Remote Software Updates, Patches, and Maintenance
Having to constantly upgrade and maintain your company’s software can take up an annoying amount of time, especially if the task falls exclusively on the small business owner. With Quikteks’ managed IT services, we can remotely take care of software upgrades for you. This is one less thing that you will have to worry about, and because your software will be running the latest versions complete with security patches, your organization’s network security will be dramatically improved. This service includes your supported operating systems and antivirus too, which will prevent time-consuming issues in the future.

Even if you’re not the one directly overseeing your company’s “computer stuff,” you can still save time by outsourcing your IT to us. With remote software maintenance and other managed IT services offered by Quikteks, we’re able to free up time for whoever is in charge of maintaining your office’s IT. We call this “co-managed IT;” you will benefit directly from this service because it will create free time for the employee currently overseeing your IT. We’re sure that you can think of new tasks to add to their day that will alleviate things on your personal to-do list.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Quikteks’ data backup and disaster recovery solution, will do the job of backing up your data and recovering it for you. This is a necessary chore that every business must do. If your company still uses tape to backup its files, then you can free up a significant amount of time by turning it into an automatic process. Not only does this create free time but it also helps business owners sleep better at night knowing their important data is safe.

Remote IT Support
Computer problems are never part of your daily planning, which is why they are so devastating to a perfectly planned out scheduled. These unexpected problems can consume large amounts of time and can potentially hijack your entire day. As a savvy business owner you will want to take whatever preventive measure you can in order to ensure minimal downtime. With remote IT support from Quikteks, we can take care of potentially disruptive computer issues, as well as monitor your system to prevent a small issue from becoming large freedom-crushing problems.

You can think of Quikteks your personal liberator. If you feel overwhelmed by the time crunch and you’re not enjoying the freedom that comes with running your own business, then call us at (973) 882-4644 to outsource your company’s IT needs to a pro-freedom business like us. Call on us today to liberate your schedule by making your technology work for you!

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