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4 MS Word Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

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4 MS Word Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

Microsoft Word is more or less synonymous with word processing, but with the right tricks and keyboard shortcuts, you can do so much more. This week, we’ll go over four neat and useful capabilities that Microsoft Word has.

Generate Dummy Text

If you need to fill up text to make sure a document is formatted properly, this trick is for you. Rather than search online for some to copy and paste dummy text, Microsoft Word allows you to generate some as needed. All you have to do is type =rand(#) (replace # with the number of paragraphs you want) and press Enter, and your document is suddenly filled with text for you to experiment with. This is useful for creating formatted documents and testing the appearance of fonts.

Bullets Keyboard Shortcut

Instead of scanning the toolbar for the bullet list icon, simply type an asterisk (*) followed by a space, and Microsoft Word will add the bulleted formatting in for you. By replacing the asterisk with a hyphen, you can make a quick dashed list as well, or use numbers for a numbered list.

Highlighting a Single Sentence

Anyone who has used a mouse to select a sentence by clicking and dragging over their selection has likely found it to be inaccurate at best. Alternatively, press the Ctrl key and use one of the Arrow Keys to highlight all the words up to that word. Easily highlight sentences, paragraphs, or entire pages without switching from keyboard to mouse.

Quick Tables

Microsoft Word provides a quick and easy way to create a table. Pressing + [Tab] + [Tab] +…, followed by Enter will create a single table row with + being each column.

What are your favorite tips for Microsoft Word? Share some of your tricks in the comments, and be sure to subscribe for more handy IT timesavers!