b2ap3_thumbnail_DrewCarey.jpgThe expression on Drew’s face is a perfect picture of what data loss looks like. There is nothing more frustrating than spending an entire day on a project, only to have it all disappear with a system error. Drew’s mistake was that he was saving all of his work directly on his laptop. Not only is his work susceptible to a hard drive failure and the computer crashing, but his laptop is also at risk of being stolen along with all of his personal data.

If Drew Carey was backing up his data to a secure backup and data recovery (BDR) solution, then a glitch on his laptop, or any disaster, would not erase his data because all of his work would automatically be backed up to the cloud. This means even if Drew’s laptop died, he could log into his account from another computer or device and keep right on working from where he last left off. The BDR is a powerful data recovery solution that can do more than host a laptop, BDR can even host your entire company’s network to keep everybody working in case everything goes down.

With all of Drew’s data stored on his laptop, not even an IT technician can recover the data if there is a serious hard drive fail. There is a chance of recovery if the hard drive is removed and sent to a clean house, but a clean house will only be able to recover the files that have not been corrupted. Hard drive clean houses are very expensive and there is no guarantee that this procedure will be successful.

Drew could have prevented a computer failure with IT monitoring services from Quikteks. We could have caught early on whatever the issue was that caused the crash, and then fixed the issue remotely without taking up any time in Mr. Carey’s day. Remote monitoring would guarantee that Drew’s laptop would be working optimally at all times. We even have technicians that we can dispatch for hardware repairs, and our techs are way more helpful than the one Drew worked with.

Prevent your laptop from falling seven stories to the ground below, call Quikteks at PHONENUMBER, we will always be around oh, around oh, Quikteks will always be around… oh!

Just for fun, watch This Clip of Drew as he experiences our worst nightmare.