Everyone is At Risk

In 2011, Ponemon Research surveyed 583 U.S. businesses and found that 90% reported that their company’s computers had been breached at least once by hackers within the past year; 77% of these had been attacked multiple times within that year. If your business does not have any protection from hackers, your sensitive data is at serious risk.

Why Me?

Think you are are too small and too ethical to be at risk? Hackers have no reason to target your business, right? While some attacks may be personal, most hackers target businesses indiscriminately and will steal your data because it’s there.

These are Not Hollywood Hackers

In movies and TV shows, hackers are misunderstood but basically good; the geeky hero or heroine who ends up taking down a corrupt government or blowing up an attacking alien mothership. Sorry folks, that’s a Hollywood script. These people are after your data and what they can get for it. They may not even be people.

Forget the lone hacker working on a laptop trying out different passwords in real-time. Most virtual threats come in the form of malware or phishing attacks. These can inflict major destruction on your system and can be just as damaging as the over-the-top hacks that occur in movies.

Everybody Needs Protection Now

These days, nobody is immune. You have to protect your data from all security risks, including hackers. Without a strong defense, your business will be susceptible to malicious computer viruses that can infect your customers, destroy financial transactions, or even steal your data and hold it for ransom. Even one bad hack could be disastrous. There are so many threats out there that it’s irresponsible not to be protected. It simply has to be a priority for all businesses.

We Got Your Back

At Quikteks Tech Support, we do more than fix your computer. We partner with your company in order to help you achieve your business goals. We offer various countermeasures; software, internal policies, and procedures to help protect your business from hackers.

Quikteks Tech Support can teach you and your employees to recognize scams and set you up with solid defense and a strong backup system. Hacking threats are constantly evolving. We can help you strengthen your system, keep your defensive software updated, and teach you smart internet security policies. We’ve got your back.

To learn more about internet security and backup systems, contact us at (973) 882-4644.