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Don’t Ever Disable Your Antivirus Software!

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Don’t Ever Disable Your Antivirus Software!

Don’t Even Think About Disabling Your Antivirus Software!

Does your company have dedicated antivirus software to protect it against the annoying threats on the Internet? Sometimes, a computer virus can slip its way past your software, but there’s no greater frustration than realizing that the reason you contracted a virus is because an employee disabled your antivirus software. Don’t let this happen to you!

Why is this Even an Issue?

Why would anyone disable the anti virus protection on their computer? Here’s an example how this happens: An employee working on a project, gets frustrated by computer lag, takes the matter into their own hands, and disables a bunch of tasks including antivirus software. We understand how computer lag can be obnoxious (in fact, we offer PC speed improvement as part of our service repertoire), but this is not a justifiable reason for anyone to let their guard down against potentially crippling computer viruses.

Who’s At Fault?
For many guilty parties, contracting a computer virus was not their intention. All they wanted to do was work on their computer without any lag. When they get fed up and check the task manager, they usually kill the applications that use the most resources, and antivirus software fits the bill.  This employee most likely has ten tabs open in their web browser, is running Skype, is keeping Outlook open, and is running a few personal programs (thus using all processing speed on their own tasks), they feel the need to kill the “unnecessary” programs that are using the most memory. These impatient computer users then disable antivirus software as a result, and experience a little boost in their PC performance while putting the entire network at risk.

With major threats like Cryptolocker and various IE vulnerabilities, aggressively protecting your data has become a critical requirement for every user of Internet-enabled computers.

Your Antivirus Keeps Working, Even if It Looks Like It Isn’t
To the inexperienced computer user, antivirus software appears to not be doing anything while taking up a lot of processing power. However, it’s constantly working by scanning, updating, and processing new data that gets downloaded in order to detect and eliminate any threats. In fact internet active employees need the antivirus protection the most as they’re downloading all of the data for their web browser, email, Skype calls, and more. The bottom line; if antivirus is ever disabled; the machine is at risk of contracting nasty software.

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