We all have our preferred way of doing things. That applies to the ways we use technology, as well as other areas of our lives. We’re creatures of habit and most of us don’t relish operating outside our comfort zones. We get used to performing tasks in a certain way, and habitual behavior can be helpful, because we don’t have to think too hard about what we’re doing. When it comes to technology, beware of taking this too far. Being attached to outdated technology can stop you from discovering new, improved IT solutions that can make life easier and boost your profits!

The Learning Curve

All new technology requires users to get to know it and make some adjustments. Even minor software upgrades can introduce changes that people have to get used to. Some of us are better at getting on top of the learning curve than others. Some people may have unhappy memories of going from one operating system to another (for example), and the frustration has never quite gone away. Exploring what new hardware and software can do is a journey of discovery for many people, but having to re-learn how to operate a program can be an unwanted annoyance for others.

Various common technology upgrades involve a learning curve:

  • – Changing computer platforms, such as Apple to Windows or vice versa
  • – Getting to grips with a new smartphone
  • – Moving to a new version of Microsoft Office
  • – Game system upgrades, like changing from a Nintendo Wii to a Wii U
  • – Switching your email account to a new mail hosting service
  • – Upgrades to operating systems, for example when a new version of Windows is released.

The Quikteks Approach

We know that acquiring the latest technology is just the beginning, in many cases. We regard ourselves as more than an IT company and we know that the user experience of new hardware and software is important. Great new software isn’t so great if clients can’t use it to their best advantage.

At Quikteks, we take pride in helping our customers to get a handle on their new technology. We believe that assisting our clients with new technology is part of the service we offer, and we aim to ensure that people are properly versed in new technology and confident using it. All kinds of questions can arise if you’ve installed new hardware or software. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our mission at Quikteks is to offer more than simple IT solutions. We’re also interested in how those IT solutions work for you and your business. To get ahead of the learning curve, call us at (973) 882-4644.

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