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Don’t Compromise Your Company Network

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Don't Compromise Your Company Network

b2ap3_thumbnail_b2ap3_thumbnail_zomb400.jpgWith an increased rate in Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks and other packet flooding volume, it’s evident that hackers are using compromised web servers to carry out their attacks. When a hacker infects your server in order to carry out their zombie attack they are using your company resources as their command and control center.

Hackers have taken a more brazen approach to their attacks lately.  Hackers used to employ tactics that would keep their botnets safe but today they have so many compromised servers and PCs available to them that they don’t seem to care.  According to a survey by Prolexic, a DDOS mitigation firm, average attack durations have more than doubled from 17 hours in 2012 to 38 hours in 2013. There’s also been a 33 percent increase in total number of attacks from 2012 to 2013.

Prolexic believes that the increase in attacks and their duration are being caused by an increase in compromised Joomla and WordPress servers. It’s like Denial-of Service gone high powered.  In the past hacker’s botnets, or zombie armies, were mainly built from compromised home pc users via malware and virus infections, which takes considerable time and effort. Fearful of the botnet being destroyed and loss of some good Zombie soldiers, attack durations were shorter.

While your company may not be the victim of a DDOS attack, your server, if not secured properly, can take a primary role in attacking other company’s infrastructure. It only takes mistake from any one of your employees and the next thing you know your server is no longer under your control and in the hands of a hacker.   The results of your server being taken over can have long term negative effects on your company.   In addition to lost employee utilization and the cost to fix the infection, being put on black lists, your company IP being blocked, and customers not being able to receive emails from you are just a few examples of how botnets can negatively affect your business.

This is why it is critical for you to secure your network with the best security solutions available on the market, and Quikteks can deliver them to you at affordable prices.

With Quikteks’s network security solutions, we prevent malware and viruses from gaining access to your network through several different avenues. We keep all your network software up to date in order to prevent exploits, we monitor your network for any unusual activity, we prevent intrusions through the best network firewalls and antivirus software available, and utilize some of the best Unified Threat Management appliances on the market.

Let Quikteks help your business get your zombie vaccination and prevent hackers from conquering your network. Give Quikteks a call today at PHONENUMBER and inquire about our Managed Security plans. We’ll be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

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