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Outsource the Technical Stuff to a Trusted Partner

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Outsource the Technical Stuff to a Trusted Partner

One of the purposes of technology is to help your business grow. The best way to achieve this goal is to be intentional with your technology. Sometimes running a business can be so hectic that keeping up with your technology becomes an afterthought. Neglecting your technology can eat into your organization’s profits; therefore, it makes more sense to outsource your IT.

Maintaining an IT Network Takes Technical Knowledge
Running and maintaining an IT infrastructure for a business is a complex and involved job. It takes much more attention than a basic technology chore like updating your antivirus definitions on your personal computer. This is primarily due to the sheer scope of a business network. For example, a network for even a small business will include multiple server units and workstations, routers, mobile device management and network security tools, and more–and this is just on the hardware side of things. There’s an additional level of complexity when it comes to managing your businesses’ software, which includes performing tasks like keeping your applications and antivirus software upgraded, adjusting and managing security settings, ensuring that your software licenses are current, managing user permissions, and much more.

The Value of Technical Expertise
To lead your business to the level of success that you’ve experienced takes a lot of brains and gusto, but as savvy of a manager as you may be, having a knack for business doesn’t always translate to having technical knowledge with computers. When it comes to running your company, you’re able to do great things with your resources because it’s your specialty. The more experience that you have in your field, the more of an expert you become, which means the more valuable your time is. Therefore, the last thing you will want to do as a leader is to break away from doing a job requiring your expert knowledge just to take care of an issue with your computer.

At Quikteks, we too are experts in our field, and it’s taken us a lot of time and training to arrive at this point (just like you in your respective field). Sure, you can try and fix a computer issue yourself in an attempt to save some money, but if you lack the required technical knowledge to fix the problem, then spending time troubleshooting it on your own will cost you more than what it would take to hire us to do it, or even to hire another fixit PC repair service that works slowly and is overpriced.

Combining Technical Knowledge with Caring Service
One advantage that comes with outsourcing your IT services with Quikteks is that we are more than a computer repair shop. We too are a business with our own set of challenges; many of these challenges are the same ones that you face. This means that we understand the value of your time and won’t yank you around in order to get you to pay more than you should. Exploiting customers using technical knowledge is a tactic that some businesses are known for. Take for example, auto mechanics; if you don’t know a tire from a seatbelt, then you’re going to be at the mercy of the mechanic when it comes to diagnosing and fixing your vehicle’s problem. If you own a car, then you better have a mechanic that you can trust. The same is true for computer repair.

We view our service as a partnership, which means that we have your best interest in mind and want to see you grow. In a partnership, our success is determined by your success, which means that we will do whatever we can to save you money in order to set you up for growth, even if it means not making a huge sale on our end.

We have found that working in a partnership based on trust is a much more satisfying way to do business than selling goods and services for the sole purpose of maximizing profits. Give us a call at PHONENUMBER to outsource your IT services to a partner that has both technical knowledge and your best interest in mind!

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