Your employees are amazing at problem-solving. They thrive on finding solutions and staying on budget. That’s great, but pointing your staff at a real IT problem could be a bad idea.

Just Ask Google

We are living in an age where if we want to know anything- or even how to do anything, we just Google it. Through online research, we save lots of money with simple house projects, car repairs, learning new skills, and more. We may be able to learn to do anything we want, but realistically, research, study, and practice take time. This is great for learning a new hobby or tiling your bathroom, but in business, time is money.

Whoa, I Know Kung Fu…

Honestly, DIY and business computing just don’t mix. Perhaps one day we will be able to plug ourselves into The Matrix and moments later say, “Whoa, I know computers,” but until that day comes, it takes time to digest information and develop professional tech skills.

We Went to School For This

Your employee may be “good with computers,” but IT support is a very complex field that requires a huge amount of knowledge and training. Being great at installing software is different from repairing hardware or catching a security risk. If the problem is outside of an employee’s skill set, a lot of time will be lost troubleshooting and fixing problems through trial and error. Sometimes an IT issue can be chased around forever if you don’t know exactly what to do.

It’s Cheaper to Call in the Professionals

Counting taxes, insurance, and the cost of not generating revenue, the hours an employee spends researching how to handle an IT fix can end up costing you much more than their hourly rate. You’re also gambling that your employee can quickly learn from YouTubes what professional technicians went to school for. When you consider all this, paying an IT professional to repair your computer could be a bargain.

Cheaper Than You Think

Got an IT problem? Save yourself the headache by calling the IT professionals at Quikteks. We offer a flat rate tech support package that lets you call us whenever you want and receive remote support. You can fix an IT issue with a single phone call, and your staff doesn’t have to wait for approval to authorize a repair. With a quick fix through remote support, your IT issues will be resolved with minimum downtime, letting everyone get back to work.

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