What does ‘cybersecurity’ mean to you? The first thing you’ll probably think of is keeping your computer safe from viruses. That’s a vital part of making sure your computers are protected, but times have changed. Back in the day, people would go to the store and purchase an antivirus CD. That was cybersecurity then. Now it’s a whole lot more complicated.

A Lucrative Business – Why Cybersecurity is a Massive Issue

If only a little trip to the store for a Norton Antivirus CD was all that’s required. The whole nature of the game has changed. The days when computer viruses and malware were created to irritate or prank computer users are over. Sure, people still create this code, but most of it won’t get past the firewalls and antivirus protection that most operating systems now have built-in.

These days viruses and malware are very different. Cyber criminals realized that they could use their skills to scam people and get themselves some easy money. It’s a career for some unscrupulous people and their efforts are targeted at both ordinary computer users and businesses. Anyone who lets their guard down momentarily could be at risk.

Financial figures suggest that cybercrime accounts for more than 1% of the whole global economy annually, and it keeps growing. One percent might not sound like a lot, but that’s about $600 billion dollars. Because some cybercrime goes unreported, the figure is probably even higher. Just for comparison, consider this: 1% is about the same share of GDP as the professional sport industry in the US, while the US film industry accounts for about 3.2%. You get the picture. Cybercrime is big money.

The Business of Cybercrime

Most organizations now have strong antivirus protection in place, which is good news. No business can afford to be without an antivirus solution that is managed centrally, monitored closely and properly maintained. You’d think that would help kill off cybercrime but, in fact, it’s still growing.

They may be criminals, but they work like any other business. They include smart, dedicated individuals with entrepreneurial ambitions. Like any other business, the aim is to expand operations and increase profits. They also aim to disrupt, just as Lyft and Uber shook up the taxi industry.

The problem is that everyone who falls prey to them and their malware can suffer from that disruption. Cybercriminals want to make as much money as possible, with the least amount of work. They depend on developing strategies and scams that have a high success rate and are easily repeatable. You could think of them as your business rivals. They want your profits, but they don’t care whether they break the law to get them.

Why Cybersecurity is Crucial

In various sectors, there are legal requirements that force businesses to comply with standards of cybersecurity, but your protective measures should be taken as far as possible. You might be a healthcare provider that follows HIPAA to the letter. You make a real effort to comply with the relevant regulations. You shouldn’t stop there. There will always be people out there who are trying to get ahead of you. The cybercrime landscape today is always changing and if you want to keep your business secure, you have to take cybersecurity very seriously indeed. The days when you bought that antivirus CD, installed it on your computer and relaxed are over.

The good news is that there are plenty of weapons you can use against the cybercriminals. Quikteks is here to help. Our security-first approach will help you to keep your data and your business secure. Perhaps you’d simply like an expert evaluation of your network, to see whether you’re doing enough to stay safe. Whatever your cybersecurity needs, call us today at (973) 882-4644.

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