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Communication with the Helpdesk

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Communication with the Helpdesk


With traditional IT support, there’s always room for mistakes stemming from miscommunication. When a user with limited knowledge about computers tries to describe their problem to an IT technician the miscommunications can sometimes end humorously. Thankfully, new IT support tools, like remote management, make communication between users and IT support much easier and leaves much less room for mistakes.


We can see a classic example of why IT helpdesks needs enhanced communication tools by watching a clip from “IT Crowd.” In this clip, a helpdesk technician receives an IT support call from a very frustrated client. What follows is nothing short of comedic genius.




Traditional IT support calls like this can be difficult because the end user needs to communicate basic information about their problem and setup, starting with the model and type of the computer, “Is it a PC or a MAC?” In order for a support technician to resolve a problem the problem needs to be communicated effectively . Basic knowledge of their computer system is essential for a support problem to be resolved successfully and in a timely manner. If the user cannot figure out what Operating System their computer is running, then the support call is doomed to fail from the start.

To his credit, Roy, the IT technician, tried figure out the problem by asking Judy, “What is the precise nature of the problem?” This prompted Judy to reassess the situation and incorrectly determined that the problem is cstemmed from e-mail, even though the obvious source of the problem is that computer exploded, which would be the “bing bong noise” Judy heard.

Unfortunately for Roy, he did not have Quikteks’s remote monitoring and maintenance tool at his disposal. Remote monitoring and management is a much more efficient solution to delivering IT support.

With remote IT support and Managed Services from Quikteks, the end user will call our helpdesk when they have a problem, and because we are already connected to their company’s network with our monitoring service we will already know the basics about every device connected to the network. Quikteks technicians won’t have to ask multiple questions about what kind of computer it is and what operating system they are running; and thanks to our RMM tool, we will be able to determine the problem with minimal information from the end user. This makes IT support simple enough that even Judy can do it!

While on the phone with the end users, Quikteks support technicians will do their best to walk clients through the problem so that the user can fix it in just a few clicks. If the issue requires level 2 support, our technicians can remote into the PC and take care of the problem as if they were sitting in your office. In the event that the computer suffers hardware damage (like from a bing bong noise), then we will send a highly trained and certifed technician over to your office to fix the computer onsite.

The same RMM tool that allows us to remotely fix your PC also gives us the ability to remotely maintain it. With our RMM tool, we are able to perform maintenance tasks on your computers, such as virus scans and software updates while you are away from your desk, which will prevent IT issues from developing into problems that require the end user to take action. This will help your technology to run more smoothly, keep your employees productive, and save you money compared to traditional IT support.

To set your business up with managed IT service from Quikteks and prevent production outages, give us a call at (973) 882-4644.

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