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Businesses Should Opt for Zero-Trust Policies when it Comes to IT

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Businesses Should Opt for Zero-Trust Policies when it Comes to IT

Who can you trust when it comes to your organization’s cybersecurity? Keeping data safe is of vital importance, and alert businesses are taking all possible measures to make sure it’s not threatened. In view of the cyberthreats that can disrupt their operations, they are choosing not to trust any device or any person. Zero-trust policies are slowly taking hold, and might be an option for your organization to consider.

About Zero-Trust

The name says it all. No device, user or account on your network is automatically assumed to be trustworthy. It’s not that everyone is regarded as a problem. It’s about strong risk management. It means that anyone seeking to access information on your network has to verify their identity. It doesn’t matter if you’re the IT administrator or the CEO. Everyone has to submit to authentication measures. External authentication of some kind is typically used.

The Pros and Cons of Zero-Trust Policies

It’s clear that zero-trust policies can hugely boost security, since it’s extremely difficult for anyone without authorization to access the system. This protection against cyberthreats is hugely valuable, but there is also a downside. There can be various problems when the new system of verification is being implemented. Sometimes people will not be able to authenticate themselves, disrupting their work and even impacting business operations. Teething problems are to be expected with any major IT project, but they will pass, and are a worthwhile trade-off for greatly enhanced network security in the longer term.
Don’t underestimate the scale of the change required, both in terms of infrastructure and organizational practices. The changeover to a zero-trust strategy can be challenging for larger companies that have many employees and multiple devices accessing data on the network. It can be daunting, so you need to think it through carefully before going this route.

The IT professionals at Quikteks can assist you with a security assessment and audit to see it if is a suitable option for your organization. If you decide that this is a policy that will work for you, we can help you implement a zero-trust policy and supply you with all the tools you need for network security management and monitoring. There are various strategies that you can adopt, including implementation of multi-factor authentication and additional layers of network security.

Whatever your network security requirements, Quikteks is here to help protect your business against cyberthreats. For additional information about zero-trust policies and security frameworks, call us today at (973) 882-4644.

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