Not long ago video conferencing wasn’t easy and the technology wasn’t advanced enough for it be a really useful option for most organizations. But the technology needed for video conferencing keeps improving and today it offers a long list of benefits for business communications. Here are some of the benefits that video-driven meetings can offer your company.

1. Engagement

Tele-conferencing, or meetings using audio, have been used successfully for some time. The latest technology for video meetings allows for enhanced engagement. Not only can people attending see the presenter, but they can also see other people attending the event. Different communication methods require different skills. With video conferencing, businesses can run meetings almost as usual, as if people have gathered together in the conventional way.

2. Connecting Teams

Team communication is important for joined-up working and team spirit. Using a video conferencing platform allows staff to connect with each other in ways that used to be just about impossible. People can connect without having to commute to a meeting place and, even when people are out of the office, productive meetings are possible. Video meetings can also be useful for taking advantage of freelance workers, which cuts down on HR costs.

3. Greater Focus

Video conferencing make it easier for people to engage, and the medium encourages better structure to meetings. Video meetings can be kept short and to the point, and employees can get back to work more or less straight away afterwards.

4. Staff Satisfaction

As well as avoiding tedious commuting, working from home is convenient for many people. They make work the same hours, but it feels more flexible, and as if there’s more control over their work/life balance. This can help to reduce staff turnover and enhance retention, as well as reducing complaints.

5. Efficiency

Meetings can be time consuming. There’s something about in-person meetings that allows people to go off on tangents unrelated to the business at hand. It’s the focus benefit again, and keeping business communications streamlined. There’s more incentive to stick to the agenda and get things done efficiently and effectively.

Do you want to cut down on meeting times, and facilitate meetings that will work from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection? If so, then using video conferencing for business communications is an option well worth considering.

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