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Backup Your Company Data- Its Critical

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Backup Your Company Data- Its Critical

b2ap3_thumbnail_twentyp400.jpgThe importance of backing up your company’s data cannot be stressed enough. Data is without a doubt your business’ most valuable asset, as evidenced by the fact that companies unable to access their data for ten days after a major disaster (like Hurricane Sandy that hit New Jersey and New York) will most likely not survive the next fiscal year. Here’s how to protect your business with cost effective data backup solutions.

The first step you will take to backup your data is identifying and assessing your company’s most crucial files and applications that are required to maintain operations At Quikteks it is our recommendation that you backup every byte of data on your network so you can ensure 100% recovery. Depending on the scope of your IT infrastructure, backing up 100% of your data may be an affordable option through Quikteks’s data backup and recovery service. However, if the bulk of the data on your network is not crucial to business operations (if your personal media collection is stored on your network), then you may want to take time to prioritize and organize your data for backup purposes.

When going through your company’s files, one industry rule that you may find to be true is the 80/20 rule, which states that 20% of your data accounts for 80% of the total value. Here are some of the most crucial pieces of data making up the 20th percentile (the important data) that you will want to backup.

Financial Data: Having up to date financial is the single most important data set a company has. Rebuilding account receivables and accounts payables would be nearly impossible and would almost certainly mean going out of business without this data. Payroll: Even loyal employees will have their loyalty tested if you’re unable to pay them because the servers with payroll information are unavailable due to outage. In the event of a disaster, having payroll information available becomes extra important because this will be when you need your team the most to assist in the recovery efforts.
Executive Data: The notes and information acquired by your company’s executive team and decision makers are extremely valuable. This information includes networking information, plans on how to grow the company, “trade secrets” to your company’s success, and much more. Start at the top by backing up the notes of the CEO and then work your way down the corporate food chain. Backing up every employees My Documents folder is critical and can be achieved by redirecting them to a backed up folder on the server. This way all data is backed up and accounted for.
Customer Information (CRM Solution): One of the foundations of your company’s network is the database of customer information that has been collected and maintained since day one. Think of how damaging it would be to your business if this information was ever compromised or even unavailable for a short period of time.
Your Website: If you’re hosting your company’s website on your in house servers, then your virtual entry point of your business will be unavailable if a disaster demolished your organization’s physical infrastructure.


Determining the total value to your data can be a near impossible task, especially if you have a large IT infrastructure, but it’s actually a best practice to routinely go through your database review its contents. You may even come to the conclusion that 100% of your data is valuable to your business on some level. After all, if a file was worthless then somebody would have deleted it.

Whether you choose to only back up a portion of your files or all of them, Quikteks can back up your data with our secure Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution. BDR is a convenient solution that automatically backs up your valuable data throughout the workday, and because your data is stored in the cloud, it will be available to your company to help your business quickly recover from a disaster. Call Quikteks at PHONENUMBER to learn more about backing up your data BDR.