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Avoid These 3 Bad IT Service Traps

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Avoid These 3 Bad IT Service Traps

Not everyone is capable of delivering excellent customer service. A person who is skilled at helping customers is probably good at picking up on social cues and doesn’t get annoyed by repetitive questions. If not, they may get frustrated and offending people. We make a big effort to hire customer service representatives who offer quality help to our clients.

At Quikteks, we don’t just hire expert IT technicians. We also train them on interacting with customers on the phone. When you call us, you won’t find yourself stuck in an irritating telephone call. Here are some examples of what you won’t have to endure:

Listening to a Script Designed for Dummies

Good customer service means that callers should get quality information. Reading from a prepared script doesn’t do the job. Some people also read in a monotonous voice, droning on and barely stopping to breathe between sentences.
You don’t need to be read to during a support call. You know how to read and, if you wanted that basic information, then you could probably have got it with an internet search. If you call tech support it’s probably because you’ve read up on the problem already and need more help. You don’t want to engage with an animated instruction manual.

Excuses Not to Assist

You call for tech support, you explain your IT problem and this is what you get: ‘I’m sorry, we can’t help with that problem’. They might even hang up on you. This is because technology companies often offer support for some technologies, but not others. This is usually set out in the Service Level Agreement (SLA), which defines what they do and don’t do. There’s some logic to it. You wouldn’t ask Microsoft to fix your iPhone, for example. Technology companies can save money by limiting what they provide support for.

At Quikteks, we do use an SLA with our clients, but we are first and foremost a solutions provider and we aim to provide answers, not excuses backed up by get-out clauses in the contract. If your problem lies outside the SLA we won’t just tell you to go elsewhere. We’ll try to find a solution that is within the SLA and meets your needs.

Cashing In on Long Calls

If you contract a technology company on a break-fix basis, the remote IT support they offer will probably be charged at an hourly rate. This means that less scrupulous companies can drag out the call to make more money. If your tech support is charged on an hourly basis, or similar, then customers may start to wonder why a problem seems to be taking a ridiculously long time to fix. It’s not hard for technology companies to give unsuspecting customers the runaround, to inflate the time that can be charged for.

Quikteks doesn’t do this. Our remote IT support is geared to solving the problem, not racking up time. The service you receive for your subscription is not time-limited. It motivates us to be efficient in addressing the issue and you don’t have to delay attending to an IT problem (that could get worse if neglected), for fear of the cost.

We also train our IT technicians to be sensitive to the needs of our clients so they can offer excellent customer service. You won’t be frustrated, patronized or given excuses. Our remote IT support will provide your business with access to speedy, satisfying solutions to your IT problems, without you feeling the urge to hang up the phone and scream. To take advantage of our excellent customer service, call Quikteks at (973) 882-4644.

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