Consistent productivity is the key to building a profitable business. If you offer a service and are having a hard time managing all its moving parts, professional services automation (PSA) software may be right for you.

Today, we will explain PSAs and how they can be a useful tool for businesses who operate in the professional services space.

What are Professional Services?

Does your company offer customized, knowledge-based services? Typically, legal, accounting, auditing, and consulting firms are called professional services.

Professional services have usually been invoiced by billable hours, but recently. many vendors, Quiketks Tech Support included, have moved to a fixed price model to provide more value.

What is Professional Services Automation?

Being able to automate tasks has become a major point of emphasis over the past few years. The faster and more reliably you can do those important but tedious tasks, the more efficient the service is for clients.

Professional services automation software allows companies to automatically oversee and manage projects, schedule and manage resources, and handle expenses and invoicing.

Most importantly the PSA will track time. Since time will either be used to bill your clients or monitor productivity, tracking time is essential.


There are many different PSA tools. Some are hosted on your company’s in-house infrastructure, while others work through a hosted cloud server. SaaS is the way most companies use PSA tools to give their resources remote capabilities.

The three main functions of any PSA are:

  • • Resource management
  • • Project management
  • • Time and expense management

Tracking time efficiently is an important part of the PSA’s job. Knowing that resources are providing reliable time figures helps you set your service rates.


The PSA simplifies project management, resource management, and time and expense tracking by automating the most tedious parts. Projects move forward seamlessly because you are tracking time and expenses, rather than tracking variables separately.

The PSA also gives project managers a powerful tool for auditing ongoing or completed projects. They can quickly see what went right, what went wrong, and where their company can improve.

At Quikteks Tech Support, we can help your professional services firm find the software it needs to function more efficiently. Call us today at (973) 882-4644, Our IT professionals can help you build your best business.

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